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What Is an Animated Explainer Video?

The animated videos that are meant to deliver a certain meanings message or describe a procedure of a product/ service are called explainer videos. These videos tend to educate viewers about process, services and usages of products. It gives the deep insight into the brand and guide viewers about its credibility and reliability. Most of the explainer videos question the critical questions and explain their solution using simple, easy to grasp and interesting techniques. Different animated elements are added to the video to support the purpose. Often characters are created to interact with viewers and to guide them efficiently.

Different explainer video has different techniques to create them and each of the types holds its individual importance in delivering the message. The 3D and 2D animated videos are mostly prepared to deliver the most critical part of the information. If a machine is to be demonstrated and its usages are to be taught, companies prefer making a 3D video. Similarly, for pitching sales and offers a whiteboard animation is chosen. Each video type creates a unique influence and impact on the viewers.

Often in explainer videos, elements and features are added to stir excitement and interest among the viewers. Either the video intro animation or various effects to enhance the graphics are used. To create an explainer video, animators have to work on its plot. They have to sketch either a beautiful story or an engaging pitch highlighting the problematic area first and then pitching the product as the ultimate solution.

The techniques used to make these videos are simple. The explainer video tends to be shorter. No lengthy videos are appreciated. You have to be able to deliver the right message across effectively in short duration. Various characters are sketched to boost the effectiveness of the video. Detailing is kept in the notice to make sure that the video fall in the grounds of realism. A realistic video has more chances of connecting with the viewers than any other form of animated video.

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Often trends are followed in their creation. However, animators have to keep one thing in mind that their creation must be unique and should depict a real voice. The design, illustration and storyboard all must be beautifully synchronized with the plot. The real struggle is to innovate not to stay ahead of the pack. Follow these tips and roll revenues with a successful explainer video.

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