What are the Benefits of Rooting My Android – Advantages and Disadvantages


Do you know one the selling point of android  due to its flexibility and malleability? Android is an open source operating system and this makes it to be one of the most prefer among developers and Non-Tech savvy users of latest Gadgets.  You may think you don’t need to root your phone, but you would be surprise there are benefits attach to rooting Your Android Phone.

So here I will be taking you through the following:

  • What is Rooting
  • What are the benefits of Rooting my Android
  • How do I Know if my Phone is rooted.

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What do we mean by Android Rooting


Before I start going into what are the benefits of Rooting My Android, Let’s take a look at what is rooting?
Rooting can be define as the act of changing the Rooting access or Administrative Right of an Android Phone to adopt to some more advance features. You may have paid for your Android Phone when you purchase it online or from Electronics Local Store in Your Community but you should know that some of the internals are locked away. How do I get access to this features? You will make use of Rooting.

Think of it as an operating on a Computer you purchase form a friend down the street but friends forget to remove the Admin User Password. With Rooting you will get access to some hidden features locked away from your Reach, you can only do that when you have the Administrative right.

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By Rooting Your Android, your will be able to install, remove some of the Key elements and use blocked Features.


What are the Benefits of Rooting My Android


Rooting Android will sure give the Users Some Privileges to Change or tweak the feature s to perform some Amazing Things that re locked away by the manufacturer due to Reasons best known to them.

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Unlock Hidden Features and Install “Incompatible” Apps

Rooting can give chance to Install apps that are not originally supported by the Operating System. Downloading Games or Access to free internet can be made possible by Rooting Android Phone and the Power to do a lot more.

Remove Pre installed Crapware

Most Phones do come with Pre-installed app that do Constitute Nuisance either from Decreasing Battery life, Making the Phone Slow or not needed by the Phone Users. Titanium Back can serve as tool in this Kind of situation, it can be use in Uninstall that annoying and Battery draining App. You will be glad you root your to Remove this app.

Have Total Control of your Device

One of the Reasons why rooting Android Id that it gives you the Ability to have total control of your phone. At the end of rooting nothing gives excitement than total control over Phone. You will be the captain with Control to remove and add certain features that other parties are trying to block.

Increase Battery Life span

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By rooting your android phone you will be Able to Remove Apps and features

that are not Relevant to your Smartphone. Apps like Greenify can be use to remove battery affecting battery life

More Display Options and Internal Storage

Most Android come with not more than Three default Display options to choose from,

but rooting android phone lets you install new Random access Memory to customize and tweak to your choice. Other what are the benefits of Rooting my Android is that it free devices Internal Storage. Individual with Low Storage can transfer apps they have to the SD card after they root their device.

Access to Root Files

When you are rooting your Smartphone you will have access to some files sections and

parts of your Gadgets that you wouldn’t have had access to. This is what give you so much access and freedom to what you like with your Device. Existing apps can be make use of with or Without Knowledge.

CPU Clocking

Increasing the process or speed of your Android helps you get maximum performance off your Smartphone

but this do come with a Side effect like shorter battery performance.

Feed Your Ego

Successful Rooting of Android will surely make you have a sense of accomplishment as Tech Savvy or Ordinary Tech User

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How do I Know if my Phone is rooted.

Your Phone might have being a Gift from a Family friends or a distant relative and you want to Know if it has being Rooted by.

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The initial Users or you went through a bunch of Tutorial Online on How to Root Android Phone.

 which you didn’t fully understand but not Sure if it work out.

Android Manufacturers don’t want us to have access to lock away files but you as an explorer look for Benefits of Rooting My Android –

You need to verify if it’s works

  • Install a Root App Checker: Root app checker can be Download from Google Play and Other APK website. Open the one you download and follow instructions giving by the developer.

it will tell you the Status: Either Rooted or No-Rooted

  • Go old School by using Terminal: Terminal app for Android which you can download from Google Play store

All you need to do to check if Your Phone is rooted and enter the word “SU” and hit       return.

  • Looking out For Rooting App: If you have ever rooted your Phone apps like King User or Rooting Apps for Android on your Phone. King user is an application that is use in rooting and manages your root access.
  • Ask: If your phone is a gift from a relative it is advisable to ask from him/her if the Phone has being rooted before.

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