List of Ubbersuggest Alternative You Should Know For Keyword Research

Ubbersuggest Alternative


If you’re reading this article , I think you should have known about keyword researching before . And here i will be looking into List of Ubbersuggest Alternative


In case you don’t know ;


Keyword researching is the act of researching keywords and search terms , these research includes checking keyword suggestions , keyword search volume , competitor tracking and lot more .


Basically , it help you known the keywords people are searching and how well these keyword is going to perform in the future .


Hmmmm , Now you know .


As we all know that ubberSuggest is a very awesome tool for keyword research , but am happy to tell you that there are others more better or like it .

Want to know about these ubberSuggest alternatives and their features ?


Let me walk you through the list 😉.

List of Ubbersuggest Alternative You Should Know

  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Kwfinder Tool
  • Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Alexa’s Keyword Difficulty
  • Keyword Tool & Content Assistant
  • Answer The Republic


The journey starts

Moz keyword Explorer – Ubbersuggest Alternative


Moz’s keyword Explore is the top on Ubbersuggest Alternative and is one of the perfect alternative for ubersuggest.


This keyword research tool helps you find the keywords people are searching , The Seo strength of competitor site for your keyword , Helps you know your current rank for your target keywords , provides keyword or phrase suggestions that are related to your specific keyword and it also helps you know keywords that have high search volume record.


Now , How does this thing works ? .


It is something that is not hard to do , just register for moz tool package and launch the keyword explorer .


What next ?


Type your specific keyword into the keyword explorer into the search bar and you instantly get the keyword metrics and report for your target keyword .


You might wanna see the keywords your website is also ranking for , Do that by selecting either one of the domain options or an exact page from the drop-down ……  Then , Type in your website address or URL .


Now , after imputing your keyword , it generate a result which is called the keyword metric or search analysis .


And this keyword metric contains ;


  1. Highest Ranking keyword info .


This brings to you an overview of some keyword your site or page is already ranking for .

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To get better search result , you can filter  the keywords you rank for  by either the volume or ranking difficulty level .


  1. Keyword suggestions .


This consists of suggestion relating to your target keywords. This are also ranking keyword or search terms( maybe phrase or a word) relating to your target keyword.


These keyword suggestions are served to you based on relevancy , so keywords with the highest relevancy to your target keyword will be displayed for you .




If you feel the need to check performances of those ranking their sites with your target keywords . In short , You get to spy on your competitors ………. hmmm great ! .


This shows report of the SERP analysis , This will help you preview the top ranking pages for that keyword and their Title, URL, Page Authority and Domain Authority .


  1. Ranking allocation .


This shows the  report of the number of keywords which are currently ranking in the search results of a search term within some certain ranges.


  1. Analyse keyword with URLs .


Like i wrote above , You can check the keywords your site is ranking for and what you are not ranking and with that information , you will know of how to work on your page to achieve better result .


You also have the option to add more sites to compare with your own.


Alright , How to do that ?….. Let see it.


Just input your website URL select root domain/sub-domain , your country and then click on the ‘search’ button , And that’s it , you’ll have the report of keywords you’re ranking for …….. Very helpful .


KWFinder tool – Ubbersuggest Alternative

KWFinder tool is an efficient and productive all in one keyword research tool for all your keyword researching .

This keyword research tool shows right keyword metric and report , shows you the keyword difficulty score and level , Shows report on your SERP analysis , Tracks your ranking among others .

The features listed above are further explained below ! .


  1. Check keyword difficulty level .


This shows how easy it is to rank for a keyword and how hard it is to rank for another keywords.  Results are based on keyword competitors Seo level  .

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So you get the power to search and get keywords with  high search volume and low difficulty score ..

…. This type of keywords are easy to rank for .


  1. Rank Position Tracker .


This help track your positions with one key metric ,This one key metric not only tracks your ranking position……. it is a tool  that tracks the overall progress and improvements.


This tool helps keep you updated about how better your Website or page is doing on ranking and the rank position .


  1. SERP analysis .


This is a feature that help you better know about your competitors, thereby knowing their weakness , strength and ways to outrank them based on the report from the analysis .


This is a very important feature that can’t be overlook ; The ultimate act of spying on your competitors đŸ’Ș .


As you can see the great features KWFinder has and , between…….. there are more than that  , these are few of them that can be of greatly useful for you .


Ahrefs Keyword Explorer – Ubbersuggest Alternative


Want a keyword research tool that Will offer you all advance capabilities you need to do your keyword researching ?  …………. Ahrefs keyword Explorer tool is definitely that keyword research tool you are looking for ! .


Being on the third position on our list doesn’t matter or count as we do not arrange the list based on how good or best it is .


This tool is regarded as the most complete keyword research tool on these market and it has some interesting features you would love 😁 , Let check them out .


  1. The ” Like no other ” Keyword suggestion feature .


Ahrefs keyword research tool ( called the Ahrefs keyword explorer ) has a database of more than 3 billion keywords that are often updated .


This feature helps you with a lot of similar suggestions with your keywords .


And mostly , these suggestions may have a high volume search than your target keyword …

….. So , it’ sometimes the best to choose from suggested keywords .


  1. Accurate Volume of Search Report .


Accurate ! , We love accurate stuffs right ? . Yea , we do …………… Nobody likes a tool that just offer you some wrong data .


This is a very special feature of the Ahrefs keyword explorer .

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It give you the exact search volume number of your target keyword  .


Wait ……… Come  to think of it , What’s the prove that the results are right ?


Alright  , Let see how it is calculated ………… According to the Ahrefs team  ,  “calculated by modeling large amounts of click stream data against the base search volume from Google’s Keyword Planner ” .


You see ? , with that ……….. Now we know that there’s high chance of the figures of Search volume being correct .


  1. Keyword difficulty Level or Score .


That keyword you want to rank for is it gonna be an easy game , save the brainstorming session , This feature was added to help you with that ! .


This features provides a score on the difficulty level of your target keyword , which helps you know what it takes to rank for that keyword .


  1. SERP Position analysis .


Wouldn’t it be better to know what your competitors are doing to rank , their ranking history ?


SERP Position analysis features on the run  ………. Check the overview of the SEO metrics and analysis report of top-ranking pages  including your competitors and see their ranking history for the former year .


  1. Advance metrics .


Didn’t i told you that the Ahrefs keyword explorer is advance ? , You should have probably think of it having advance metrics .


There metrics shows the correct return rate , clicks per search ,% of paid click and clicks .


According to them  , ” By processing large volumes of clickstream data we’re able to calculate the number you need to win at SEO. ”


Hahaha , That’s a WOW .


  1. Advance click report .


Have you ever thought that a keyword might have high volume of searches but users doesn’t click on any search result ?  , Then how do you detect that .


This lifesaving feature was added to do just that , it measures the number of clicks on search result of your keyword when users search it and it shows the exact data for your keyword .


Features with accurate metric and reports  ! , Ahrefs keyword explorer tool is simply one of the best out there .


As you can see , These are  the best UbberSuggest alternative , feel free to add your comment on your experience with any of these tools and like always , SHARE TO YOUR FRIENDS .


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