Ways to Add Timestamp to Photos on Android

Top 7 Ways to Add Timestamp to Photos on Android

Have you ever wanted to learn different Ways to Add Timestamp to Photos on Android? Today we will be highlighting different ways you can add a timestamp to your pictures with a variety of tested and trusted apps.

A Timestamp adds a precise remembrance to a photo.It shows when the picture was taken by showing exact date and time. Its name was derived from physical stamps, used in offices to mark date and event time of a particular document as a sign of authentication.

Timestamp was a common feature in many analog cameras. But the switch to modern smartphone cameras little feature got lost in the process.

According to Wikipedia, the definition of a timestamp Is ;A timestamp is a sequence of characters or encoded information identifying when a certain event occurred, usually giving date and time of day

Benefits of using a Timestamp – Ways to Add Timestamp to Photos on Android

1.)Facts and stats

Nowadays we take photos on almost every occasion, thanks to the constant evolution in the field of technology. Today, the number of photographs clicked every two minutes is same as the number of photographs clicked by mankind in the 1800s as per the Buzzfeed.

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2.) Challenges of Preserving Memories

That is heck a huge gap if we compare to previous age right? Today we are capturing almost thousand times more pictures within 2 mins as compared to 1800s. therefore we can say that even preserving pictures has become tough if we compare it.

3.) Ease of regulating workflow

If you are a freelancer photographer, many times it becomes difficult to showcase your previous work done in front of your clients. By clicking pictures with Timestamp camera, it becomes easy to maintain your pictures with a proper date and time.

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4.) Preserving Memories

Adding date and time to your photographs makes them immortal which will make you relive all your moments spent in past.

No matter what you are celebrating, be it your graduation day, wedding day or any other special occasion.

5.) Social media sharing

The world is becoming social savvy day by day. Sharing pictures on social media has become a new trend. Adding a particular date to the photos will make you remind about the time it was taken when years after you will look back to your pictures.

6.) Event Organizers

During events, the organizers can maintain their captured events by adding timely date stamps and showcase them professionally online on their websites or social accounts as a part of marketing and brand awareness.

Quick fact about cameras – Ways to Add Timestamp to Photos on Android

The first ever camera was invented by Kodak. It had 0.01-megapixel camera and could only process images in Black and White taking 23 seconds to capture a single image.

At that time it was a science fiction thing to even imagine that a Photograph could be clicked and processed within a fraction of seconds.

With that said I wonder how many of our science fiction imaginations and ideas will be achieved in the future. Anyways, back in our topic.

Ways to Add Timestamp to Photos on Android – Top Mobile Apps For Adding Timestamp

1.)APD TimeStamp

Unlike several others, the main purpose of this app is to facilitate in adding a time stamp to your photos. APD TimeStamp help in adding a time and date stamp to your photo, but it is not the best one in terms of interface or customization options.

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Eventually, this application does not have photo capture functionality. With this app, you can add date and time stamps to the photos that you have taken before.

It basically uses the EXIF data of the photos to add a time stamp. The application also helps you in entering your own custom date and time as per your requirements.

The camera becomes easy to use if you know your way around manual photography. To enable timestamp, go to Settings by tapping on the cog-shaped icon at the upper right corner. Tap on Camera settings and scroll down until you see the Stamp photos option.

2.) Timestamp Camera Photos

Timestamp Camera Photos isn’t a free app. But one good advantage of this app is that it’s reasonably priced and doesn’t have pop-up ads. This app comes with a variety of fonts in many styles.

But before you choose the font, you’d need to add the Camera folder path manually. If you don’t do so, the app will add watermarks to any new photos, even if it’s a silly WhatsApp forward.

3.) Camera Timestamp

Camera Timestamp is a functional camera app that prints a data and time stamp as well the location details on the photos that you have captured. The application is available as a free trail version that supports adding the timestamp to 10 photos and a premium version as well.

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You can customize the time stamp and location settings such as format of date and time, color and size of the timestamp, text location, text outline and geostamp that adds the location. However, the location feature is optional and you can enable it if you want.

4.) Open Camera

If you are a photography buff, you must have heard about Open Camera. This manual camera app combines many features such as Color Effects and customizable JPEG quality, apart from manual controls like Exposure control, ISO and White balance.

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5.) Vignette

Vignette is a popular application that is available in both free and paid versions. This application helps you in adding custom filters and effects that will create visually stunning photos.

The free version also lets you to add a date and time stamp to your photos and there are several options that help in customizing the stamp such as choosing the color of the stamp as well as its size.

You can also add either the time or the date to the photos based on your requirement. The quality of the photos can also be chosen. As it is a free version of the application, there are some ads in it.

6.) PhotoStamp Camera

The last app in this section is PhotoStamp Camera. it has a camera interface of its own. It is a very handy tool for inserting or adding timestamps to a picture.

7.) Instagram


When pondering on Ways to Add Timestamp to Photos on Android, this method will most likely not appear as a solution.

This is the easiest method as all you have to do is add a photo to Instagram Stories and the app will apply the timestamp automatically. Instagram let’s you add the timestamp information to both landscapes and portraits.

All you need to do is place it in a position of your choice. Tap on it to change colors. Once done, hit Save to store the photo in your phone’s gallery.


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