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Top 7 Android fonts for Instagram and Post


Instagram users are always in search for the best android font apps instagram stories and posts . Here we are discussing  Top 7 Android fonts for Instagram and Post. Whether you use Instagram to make money and you can make a lot of money or to interact with your friends and loved ones, the end goals are the same You want to post images that will spark conversation, delight your followers, and, just maybe, incite a tiny bit of envy.

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These apps will help you convey a brand message, inspire others with a motivational quote, create memes or just make your vacation snapshots more exciting, you can rest assured that font apps will deliver the goods.

There are a lot of Insta Story editor apps on the market. Which ones are worth it? Which ones do everyone use to make these beautiful Insta Stories?

Instagram Stories are increasingly becoming and important place to post. Stories are now a firm favorite when it comes to Instagram features. They’re a simple way to share less-polished moments with your followers. While your feed post might get lost as a result of the non-chronological algorithm, your Stories are just a tap away for someone clicking through their tray.

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Still, standing out isn’t easy. Everyone is using the tools Instagram has provided, from Gif stickers and emoji polls to new fonts and Boomerangs.

For some of us, though, this just isn’t enough. To really make your Instagram Stories stand out, you’ll need to look to third-party apps to help you design and create striking, stunning Stories that really catch the eye.

Adding flavor to your Instagram posts and enhance your stories with unique stylized fonts have been made easy with the following apps;

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1. Canva: Top 7 Android fonts for Instagram and Post

The Canva app is a very sleek and cool tool that is available for both iOS and Android. It’s relatively large number of font styles can be a bit overwhelming initially.

Once you have successfully selected a background picture of your choice, all you need to do is pick your desired font. You can either search for your favorite font or choose one from the provided drop-down menu.

The best thing about it is that you can choose the type of template (Instagram story or post) beforehand.

2. Cool fonts form instagram bio: Top 7 Android fonts for Instagram and Post


As the name suggests, you can also elevate your Instagram bio with it’s cool fonts. This is a dedicated font generators app. It has free as well as paid designs. All you have to do is, write the text, change the font and then copy the text to Instagram.

Cool Fonts’ styles are based on Unicode system, which means that your followers will be able to see the text irrespective of the platform.

3. Pixlr: Top 7 Android fonts for Instagram and Post

This app offers a variety of fonts in different styles and effects.Although Pixlr is more of a photo editor, it has a cool side to it. You can choose from it’s wide ranging retro designs to even new age and funky ones. This app also allows you to also adjust the opacity of the text as well as the color.

4. Typography Master

This mobile tool is fully equipped with remarkable styles ,I t is very fascinating how styles can be fitted inside one app. From attractive vector graphics to beautiful background shapes ,this app lets you test with an array of styles.

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This app was released in July 2018, Typography Master is one of the newest apps to make it’s way into the market when it comes to fonts,typefaces and styles.

5. Adobe Spark Post: Top 7 Android fonts for Instagram and Post

Adobe Spark Post should be one of your best options when it comes to looking for an app to enhance social media images. It comes loaded with a variety of features which can transform an image with a few taps. it also contains plenty of typefaces and styles.

With that said, all you need to do is open a post or choose one from their numerous of free stock photos. Once done, tap on Font and the wonderful world of font types and styles will open up for you.

6. Stylish Text: Top 7 Android fonts for Instagram and Post

Stylish Text is also a font generator. One big difference that makes it better is that you can also use the fonts on WhatsApp status directly(isn’t that cool). And, if your phone runs Android Oreo, you get to unlock a few other cool style options to choose from.

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7. Lumyer: Top 7 Android fonts for Instagram and Post

This app, apart from cool fonts, also has a variety of pre-designed quotes and inspirational sayings that you can place over photos, creating a more stylized Story post. You can choose to begin with a photo, template, graphic, font design, or blank canvas. There’s also a “quick start” option with settings including “quote” and “announcement.”

8. Hype Type: Top 7 Android fonts for Instagram and Post

Has the name explains, the app is built to create an hype around your instagram story or post. The app opens to a camera, just the way Snapchat does.Then you Swipe up from the bottom from the bottom of your screen to access your picture gallery to select the image you desire to use.

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You then select your typeface, each comes with a different, preset animation so it’s worth trying out a few to see which you like best. When you’ve found the one, tap the arrow and share to share on instagram.

9. Over: Top 7 Android fonts for Instagram and Post

The amazing thing about the Over app is that you can add unlimited photos on a single canvas. You can add photos on top of each other. And most importantly you can add text and shapes. The opportunities are endless.

It might take a little while to get used to this app, but once you do you will see that there are a lot of options: backgrounds, stickers, text, fonts, etc… I would say this is a more advanced app. This app also allows you to either Use one of their pre-made templates Or create your own Insta Story design from scratch, on a blank fresh background.

10. PicLab: Top 7 Android fonts for Instagram and Post

PicLab makes it easy to add typography to your photos, offering lots of fonts and full control over size, positioning, opacity, rotation and colour. You can also add things like layer illustrations, ornamentation and other design elements on top of your image.

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