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Top 5 Namecheap alternatives

The last thing business owners and general site administrators need is an insatiable web hosting provider. Resultant downtime of your website, due to poor service provision by your hosting provider can be very fatal effect on your business. In current times, Namecheap , not withstanding the attractive services it offers has fallen short of expectation. The need for reliable Namecheap alternatives is therefore necessary.

The Namecheap ideology – Top Namecheap alternatives

As the name suggests, Namecheap is a domain registrar know for affordable prices .It is also used to registering domain names and buying web hosting. They provide one of the cheapest domain registration services in the market.

Background on Namecheap – Top Namecheap alternatives

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Namecheap as a domain registration and management service,founded in the year 2000. Namecheap started it’s journey by offering good priced domains and excellent customer service. Today, they have over 3 million clients and manage over 7 million domains.

The prices for their plans were reasonable, and compared favorably to most other bigger company’s that offered slightly services. NameCheap is a great domain registrar. But it may not be an awesome web host due several downtime and lack of consistency.

Their current service quality makes it even harder to accept that your renewal rates will rise 300% over time. There are so many better options that deliver faster uptime, consistently slow speeds, prompt customer support and even more for the same price or less.

why change Host and Domain provider

You need to start considering changing your domain provider to reliable Namecheap alternatives.

Instability in operation – Top Namecheap alternatives

Due to reoccurring downtime of the service provider, your platform maybe placed offline at any point in time. To manage this incident and avoid it from crippling your business you have explore other Namecheap alternatives.

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Namecheap is a potential threat to your business growth – Top Namecheap alternatives

If you have a great business , I would advise you start consider Namecheap alternatives to move your business to. They operate under strict policies and you risk having your website suspended for a period of time. This period of suspension however can cost your business alot.

Pricing – Top Namecheap alternatives

Although Namecheap is known for cheap hosting plans. Another beneficial reason to change your hosting is, competition. There are even better and reliable hosting providers offering the same services with more consistency for the same price.

Top 5 Namecheap alternatives

1.) GoDaddy – Top Namecheap alternatives

Godaddy logo

This company was formed in 1997 expanding steadily as they have 6K employees and recently acquired HEG (Host Europe Group), leading hosting firm.

Godaddy is known as the world biggest domain registrar and one of the top NameCheap alternatives. There are more than 71 million domain under the Godaddy management and also 17+ million customers.

GoDaddy offers an array of products and services such as web hosting, web security protocols, MS office, site builder, and many more. Godaddy also offers huge introductory discounts on domains. Godaddy is not just a domain name registrar but also provides hosting to the customers.

2.) DreamHost – Top Namecheap alternatives

dreamhost logo

If you are looking for an alternative Namecheap domain and hosting solution at one place then DreamHost is really a nice alternative to Namecheap. Unlike the Namecheap, Dreamhost is a quite good hosting service.

DreamHost has been in the business since 1997 and so becomes an experienced and trusted web host. They also a favorite for WordPress hosting. With Dreamhost, you can turn on the domain privacy for free and can create the subdomains as many as you want.

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There are more than 1.5 Million sites hosting on their servers which clearly shows that how much professional they are. DreamHost offers more than 400 domain extensions. The .com TLD comes in just $9.95 while you have to pay only $13.95 for renewal.

3.) – Top Namecheap alternatives logo is one of the largest domain name registrars and that’s why you can pick the special extensions such as .design, .jobs, and .coop, etc. has been into business since 2000 and owned by an established business group EIG. Buying a domain with them is a follows a very simple process and you can pick the .com TLD in just $9.99. In the very next year, the price increased slightly on renewal which is $11.99. The backend design is very friendly which makes it easier to manage all of your domains.

NameSilo – Top Namecheap alternatives

namesilo logo

NameSilo offers the cheapest domain registrar offer .com domain name just in $8.99/year while Namecheap charge $10.87 for the first year. Namecheap offers more discount if you buy the domain for a longer duration while NameSilo offers quantity-based discount where you are able to save some penny when purchasing domains in bulk.

It also offers a free add-on for your domain privacy protection. It hides your personal information like email and phone number etc. from the WHOIS which might be helpful in lowering the junk emails. NC offers it as a freebie for the first year while in the very next year they just charge $2.88. NameSilo WHOIS privacy is free until you have the domain with them.

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Both providers offer a pretty simple and easy to use control panel.They also offer live chat, phone, and emails to get quick and friendly support.

5.) Google Domains – Top Namecheap alternatives

Google domains logo

Are you looking for a trustworthy domain provider? If you’re a fan of Google services, Google Domains should be a perfect fit for you.

Their pricing starts at $12 a year with quite great addons available on cart. Their control panel is easy making it straight-forward for you to manage your domain names. Furthermore, You can add the Premium Gmail service (G Suite) to any of your domains with a click of a button.

Google is not offering web hosting services as of yet. Google domains made it very easy to opt in for site creation services such as Blogger, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly & Wix. And all it’s integrations go with a click of a button.

Conclusion – Top Namecheap alternatives

I hope that was a quality and informative read for you.We hope you went through our Namecheap alternatives thoroughly, you should be able to find the perfect service provider to fit your need.

So what are your thoughts about our NameCheap alternatives? Please let us know what you think in the comments below. If you encounter any difficulty or need further explanation of a concept, do not hesitate to contact us.Also, don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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