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The Marketing of the Future: An Evolutionary Tool

Since the beginning of the first promotions, of the first marketing campaigns, advertising has been used as a tool to persuade an unconscious and ignorant public.

The marketing of the past is characterized by a series of countless ass take-offs, designed to channel the customer into a whirlwind of consumption to be able to spill as much money as possible.

This system must end and must end now.

The marketing of the past is over

The marketing of the past has claimed victims throughout history, has created an entire culture of consumption and profit. It has destroyed the lives of many poor people who are unaware, who trusting fake salespeople or promoters, have become full of filth, illness or, in the best of cases, of useless things scattered around the house.

In the future (which is already here) there is no longer any place for such marketing. Society can no longer afford to play. Industries can no longer afford to suck money on ignorant taxpayers, who in spite of themselves end up in the clutches of a small group of strong powers who want to keep us stupid and dazed.

This article in itself wants to be an act of total rebellion against a corporation establishment, whose sole objective is to keep us divided to be able to govern better and to fatten their pockets of money dirty with fears, false needs and unnecessary comfort.

We are here to proclaim the beginning of a new era of marketing, making me the bearer and pioneer of this new way of communicating, in which the customer is no longer a client, but a life partner.

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In the new marketing the customer leaves the circle … he is no longer in the center, to be better bombarded. The customer becomes a bearer of our message, sharing his lifestyle with that of the company that offers products or services.

The customer no longer feels the need for anything, because in his path of awakening he realizes he needs very few things, mostly the affection of the people around him, enjoying the uncertainty of life, without becoming a victim of unreal fears, once created to sell solutions.

The marketing of the future

Today the customer becomes a healthy bearer of the company’s word and of the message that the company wants to pass for the evolution of man.

I do not speak of a utopian world, contrary to what some failed people will think that will read this article.

This is what is happening. This new era is flourishing today. Companies that do not work at the highest levels of quality will be wiped out or will become prisoners for the mind of miserable and extremely unhappy entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneur of the future will rise above all material needs, bringing his word to the world and working with excellence to create products and services that help human beings, animals and the planet return to their true splendor.

The lush era of evolutionary marketing has begun. Do not stay out of it. Work at the service of the world to make your contribution.

Internet, in this new world, plays a decisive role in the promotion of your products or services. For this reason I propose to you as a web marketer, to help spread the word, to help you upset your market and bring it back to the right path.

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Good words are not enough and it is not enough to create quality products and services. Behind all this there must be a web marketing strategy that is performing and as strong as those of today, but with a different objective: the evolution of man.

If you are interested in developing an effective online strategy to promote a product or service that is good for humans, animals or the planet, do not hesitate to contact me. Let’s have a chat with no obligation and if there are any opportunities I will be happy to provide you with tailor-made strategic advice.

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