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Hey folks are you of those techies interested in learning  Programming Languages but confuse on where to learn programming from? Exhausting your data on searching for Platform and resources to learn Programming  and gave up because of that?  They are easier to find than you think, I will list  Platform and resources to learn programming languages with here.


Programming is a Language that is use in Instructing the computer what to do and when to do it under certain conditions

using  Mathematical terms( if Conditional Statements use in Machine Learning)

without Programming languages computers and Home Automated Gadgets won’t be able to perform their functions.

Here I will show you:

  • What do we mean by learning programming language
  • Uses of Programming Languages
  • Top books to read to Learn Programming
  • Blogs to Learn Programming from
  • You tube Channel to learn Programming from


Meaning of Learning Programming language -Learn programming


Must heard of the name Mark Zuckerberg and Bill gates, both are great programmers in existence. But do you think they got to that place without learning one or two programming languages.

By learning Programming languages you get familiar with  Programming Syntax and Terms use in different languages.  For you to become that web developer, Hardware Programmer that work for NASA and Software Engineer

You have to pass through the stage of learning the basics of  programming languages you have interest in( Java, C++, C, Python and many more).

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Uses of Programming Languages


Have you take notice of automated door that open when an object get close to it at the Mall? and Garage door that close  on its own? These are few uses of Programming Languages. Use of codes applies to Defense Sector.

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where weapon engineers and Military officials building missiles, mobile Robot and Unmanned plane that are control from anywhere in the world.

Domestic uses of Coding is not an exception programming languages are use to code gadgets that Human can use in buildings to make day-to-day activities faster and easier.

Programming can also be use in the following

  • Aviation industry
  • Industry
  • Hospitals
  • Website Development
  • Game Development
  • Apps development
  • Software Development


Top books to read to Learn Programming (Web developments, Game Developments, App development and so on……)

You make like: How to get the best out of your smart phone

Before  internet become what everyone have access to, Books from libraries or Personal purchase is the Common way through

which Individual get an idea of what Programming Language is and learnt about Built there first Dynamic Websites.

Having you Search around on what Books to read to learn about Programming for Developing websites, Building Hardware

Making Hardware application or with the aim of building the next Software that can cut the rate of Cyber-attacks.

Programming resources board Sources: blog.xojo

Here I will list 10 Books you can read to Learn Programming.

  1. Python Crash Course: A hands on projects based introduction to Programming: With this book you can make project applying the theories you have learnt in classroom. Practical aspect in Web development and Design.  learn python and Programming for Beginners. know basic concepts: lists, dictionaries and loops. make projects like space invaders, inspired and arcade games and Projects related to data Visualization.


  1. Beginning C++ through Game Programming: This book is for whoever have interest Game building. This book we take you through the beginner stage to Pro stage where you can make your own games using c++. You will find an up-to-date and thorough introduction to everything you need to get started in learning c++ language. A last game is available at the back of the Book which allows practice Knowledge gain from the book.
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  1. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Do you want to stop repeating same task you do every day on Microsoft excel? This book can teach you ways to automate this tasks using Python. You will learn to use code to do task that take Hours to complete in minutes with lines of code. You will  be able to create Programs that search the web, download content (Videos, Pictures, and Animations) online, Set reminder and fill forms online.


  1. Code: The Hidden Languages of Computer Hardware and Software: Here you will learn how to manipulate Computers and software to build machine that make work easier and faster. Produce by Charles Petzold who is an author of Classic Programming Windows.


  1. Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd Edition: A Modern Introduction to Programming: It covers all what you need to start as a JavaScript programmer,Super Dope. It is the First JavaScript PDF sent to me by a Friend and I fall in love with it  at a first glance.


start with teaching you the basics (Variables, Control structures, functions and data structures) to advance topic like angular expression.


  1. Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja
  2. C ++ All in one for Dummies
  3. C Programming Absolute Beginners Guide
  4. C# in nutshell: The definitive reference
  5. C# for beginners: The tactical guidebook – learn c sharp by coding


With the 10 Books listed here you will build Website, develop games, understand the Basics of Programming and get use to How to think like a Programmer.


Blogs/site to Learn Programming from

source:Tech think

Blogs are the common ways to learn programming Languages, Here I will List 10 Blogs to learn programming Languages from. They are free online platform where you know How to learn programming by yourself and answer the question How do I start learning programming.

  • Code academy:
  • Khan academy
  • Tutorials point
  • Site point
  • Coding Alpha
  • Code pen
  • David Walsh Blog
  • Techbeamers
  • Udemy
  • io
  • Google Developers
  • Tech crunch
  • MIT Open courseware
  • Solo learn
  • Github
  • Edx
  • Cousera
  • aGupieWare
  • Code avengers
  • Free code camp
  • HTML5 Rocks
  • Learn python the hard way
  • Learn pearl the hard way
  • net
  • Udacity
  • Learn Code the Hard way
  • The Odin project
  • Geeks for Geeks
  • Hacker earth blog
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Learning Programming through Videos


Learning Programming through videos is good for Visual learners that find it hard to learn using Text. Here I will list YouTube Channel where you learn.

  • Tree house
  • The new Boston
  • academy
  • Derek Banas
  • Kudvenkat
  • DevTips
  • Css-tricks
  • Mike Locke
  • Adam khoury
  • Java Brains
  • Tuts+web Design
  • Brad Hussey
  • Coder’s Guide
  • Slide Nerd
  • Level Up Tuts
  • Code course
  • Google Developers
  • Learnwebcode
 You’ve been able to learn:
  • Computer programming resources
  • Best programming resources
  • Coding resource for student
  • Programming tutorials

Do you know of any resources not listed here, pls use the Comment box

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