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In the Recent years chat bot has gain momentum due to their use in Business, Health Sector and other field of human endeavor. Benefits of bots can’t be overlook in automating our business activities. This sub field of computer science is all about solving tasks that are easy for humans but hard for computers.
Twenty years ago, this decision-making technology was not that popular. But today, chats bot are changing the field of technology and how transactions in Business are execute.

Here I will look at what chat bot can do and Reasons why you need a Chat bot for Business.
1. What is a Chat bot
2. What can Chats Bot do
3. Advantage and Disadvantage of Chats bot
4. Why are Chabot essential for business
5. Benefits of Chats bot in Customer service

What is a Chat bot

Chat bots are Machine or services powered by a rules engine and Artificial intelligence that are interact with via chat interface.

This chat bot are now integrated into many aspect of human day-to-day activities and anywhere human might need help.

Chat bot are now integrated into Social Media account like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Microsoft Team, UBA bank and Skype to answer questions.

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What can Chats bot do?


With Proper deployment of chat bot Software you will know what are the benefits to a business of using a Chat bot. Today, chats bot are moving from specialist applications to everyday use, thanks to the mobile speech recognition software.

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Serve as a Personal Assistant: Chats bot can help Schedule Post for Facebook Business Page especially when you have a tight schedule. Email chats bot like Meekan and are use to schedule meetings and reply Messages automatically when on Business trip.

Managing Tasks and Projects: Banks in Nigeria are now making use of Chats bot in Automating tasks. UBA Chat Banking is an example that help users on How to open a UBA Bank account online. Can be use to assign tasks to member of a team.

Smarter Customer Service: Have you ever imagine how Large Tech companies, Web hosting companies, Internet service provider reply messages sent by Millions of users? They make use chat bot to reply everyone. These machine deliver a library of automated responses to common questions provided by human operator. They are train and get smarter as they handle more customer queries.

Collating data: Restaurants/ Organization that offer services can use chats bot to do Survey and use in measuring customer satisfaction

• Booking: chat bot are used in Booking flights, hotel room or office space. Artificial Intelligence machine like Google Siri  are use in booking flights in Cities.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Chats bot

We can’t talk of terms in technology without looking at their Merit and Demerit. Chats bot are gaining momentum in the business world and this is bringing in a new way to making use of this technology and vice versa.

Advantages of Chats bot are: Improving Customer Service, Better engagement, Cost saving, Monitoring Consumer data, gaining insights and fast response while we have Disadvantages like Inaccuracy of Data given by the system, Misuse of data and No technical Know-how.

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Why are Chat Automation essential for business

Large Companies like Facebook, United Airlines, Central Bank of Nigeria, Microsoft, MTN, Glo and Amazon, just to name a few, are very ahead in customer service. But have you ever asked yourself why they reply your Complaint message within the Blink of an eye? How? It is because they use chats bot implemented into their social media pages.

Right from the day you bought a domain name, purchase hosting and open a Facebook page is the day your business need a chat bots to interact with your consumer and improve Business to customer interaction.

You must have get tired of searching Amazon looking for what to buy, what it will feel like, if all you have to do is answer few questions and the machine will do the rest, help you find the products you are looking for by feeding it with description.

Have you ever had a problem with your host provider and want to make a Complaint? You search for the Company email address, write a well detailed message but your message wasn’t reply as expected. What will you feel and think? Bad Customer care Service right? But do you know with Chats bot your host provider can easily take you through possible solution for your Complaint.

Benefits of Chats bot in Customer service

Chats bot of today is different from what it use to in the past, they are now more advanced and responsive.

Thanks to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that help to optimize customer service operation.
No Time Wasting

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This is the most obvious reason why Automation of Customer service has taken a new face.

Customers don’t have to wait for days or hours before getting help – Waiting leads to frustration.

Chat bot are a smarter way of ensuring customers get instant response when demanded.
Cost Optimization

It will cost big companies Billions to employee Desk Workers that reply Complaint Message Fast Response.

Integrating them to your business give you an edge to reply to complaint faster than your Competitors.


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