List of Profitable Niche with Low Competition

Profitable niche with low competition


What are the Profitable niche with low competition? Since most blogging Niche are now becoming saturated, people are now looking for unsaturated blogging niche to divert to and make some cash online.

Here in this article, I will be providing you with list of unsaturated blogging niche in Nigeria that you can carve a Niche online.


What Are the Factors That Must Be Consider Before Choosing a Blogging Niche


Do you know that there is more to blogging than writing? After deciding that you want to become a blogger, you have to consider some things. You might have

  • Passion
  • Trend
  • Interest
  • Target Audience


Passion: Choosing a blogging Niche is not all about my friend is doing it. You don’t choose a profitable blogging niche because that is what your friend is doing.  Let’s take for example your friend has passion for baking and decides to start a baking blog.  Then you try to imitate him/her it is not done that way.

Even if you try to choose same blogging niche as your friend. You should ask yourself some though provoking questions.

“Do I Love Fashion”

”Do I Love Technology”

“Do I Even Have Passion For Electronics”

In short, write about something you are passionate about. When you become frustrated your passion for the Niche will keep you moving and talking about a niche you are passionate will make writing easy for you.


Trend: Studying the trend is another factor that must be consider when setting up a Sub-Niche blog. Will this Topic still be trending in the future? Let’s take example, someone set up a blog that Is focus on Artificial Intelligence, we all know it is a niche that will keep on being relevant in the future.

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Google Trend and other Keyword Research  Tool that you can use to check out the current trend and also predict base on chart.


Target Audience: Your target audience is what you should consider after getting your Domain name and hosting. In what way will your Target Audience affect you? Your content audience can be on different things e.g. Country, Age and others.

Your target audience will help you to know the method of promotion you are going to be using.


List Of  Profitable Niche With Low Competition


Now back to the main topic List of Profitable Niche With Low Competition.


  • Foods
  • Pets
  • Photography
  • Application Reviews
  • Registration Guide Niche
  • Baby Development Niche
  • Faith
  • Travel
  • Crafts
  • Engineering Blog
  • Electronics Blog
  • Agricultural Blog

From the list provided above, I will only look into five of it and they are those that people are not familiar with.


Engineering Blog

You might be surprise that you find it on the list. But do you know we don’t have much engineering blogs especially in Nigeria. Setting up an Engineering Blog is like killing two birds with a Stone. It serve as a portfolio and as a sources of income.

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Engineering Blog can be monetize by selling of e-books and Engineering Schematics to your Audience.


Registration Guide Blog

Here you will be providing people with Guides on How to carry out both online/offline registration. This Niche needs a thorough research, as providing your audience with wrong information is a mistake you can’t afford to make.


Agricultural Blog

Nations are now trying to diversify their economy into agriculture. But do you know, you can set up an agricultural blog where people can learn about Animal Husbandry, Snailry, Rabbitry and others. Agricultural blog can be set up by selling of e-books and providing of Physical services to your audience.


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