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Making Money Vlogging: Everything you need to know


In the Recent years there has being a huge increase In Amount of YouTube Subscribers with different interest. According to a Statistics released by Businessofapps: we have 149 million monthly viewers on YouTube, the Statistics is high right?

Due to this high statistical data, people around the Globe want to become Vlogger but most don’t know how to go about it, here I will be Showing You

  • How to become a Vloggers and Make Money
  • How to earn Money from YouTube without AdSense

Before we go on what is Vlogging?  And who is a Vlogger?


What is Vlogging – Making Money Vlogging


Vlogging Is an Acronym for Video Blogging, Video Blogging is the Act of showing or passing information to your Audience using Video, animations or Moving objects instead of Text for better illustration and Understanding.

Vlogging entails  combination of embed video. With supporting Text, Images, Animation and Metadata. Entries are mostly made in part or whole.


Who is a Vlogger – Making Money Vlogging?

A Vlogger is a person that make use of Videos. Animation by making use of Text as a Support. They make use of Video and Audio Recording Tools.

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Types of Vloggs – Making Money Vlogging


Very Narrow areas of ability are very productive. Develop your Own Profile. Develop your Own Niche.

Just as we have Various Niche in Blogging, There are also Types of Vloggs in Video Blogging. If have after reading this article, you decide to be a Video Blogger but you don’t Know what Niche to go for.

  1. Lifestyle: They deal with various aspect of human day-to-day activities: What you do in the library, what is happening in your environment are what you will be showing to the world.
  2. Beauty/Fitness: People are spending Millions to Purchase Costumes and Gym Gadgets Year in Year out. It is one of the biggest market for different types of products. As a YouTuber or someone who has interest you have to know what you are doing and have a Good Communication Skills.
  3. How To/ Education: This days many people are making use of YouTube To learn various Topics or Assignment Giving to them by lecturers and Teachers in the Classroom. Here you are providing the Service. If you can make a Video showing to do certain things that others don’t know how to/ Difficult to learn viewers can find you through YouTube Channel. If your Video is spark actions in Audience it will get lots of Views. Education and How to be Video are Evergreen you don’t have to worry about your video becoming outdated.
  4. Books Reviews: People like getting a review before Visiting Bookshop or getting one Through Online delivery. You will be providing the Service here. If your reviews are insightful and Informative, viewers can easily get your video using YouTube Search.
  5. Travel: People do dream of travelling around the World but not everyone can afford the Money. Through Videos they learn about different places. As Vlogger that Choose Travelling as a Hobby you can document your journal and share with others.
  6. Comedy and Pranks: Watching Videos and Pranks are one of the Ways people spend their Leisure time.
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And we also have Popular Type of Vloggs like: Technology, Motivation and Entertainment.

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How to become a Vlogger and Make Money – Making Money Vlogging


Making money Vlogging is one of the Reason why people go into Video Blogging although some do it for Fame and Popularity. Money comes in at the end of the day. If you already own a YouTube Channel or have interest in having one. You can make money Vlogging by following various Steps and ways popular Vloggers like Daniel Middleton and Sean William McLaughlin has follow.

To become a Vlogger, there are steps you have to follow:

  • Determination
  • Choose a Niche
  • Get your Equipment
  • Record your Contents and Publish
  • Networking
  • Patience
  • Get Traffic
  • Monetize

Determination: Having determination is the First hurdle you have to get to become a Video Blogger.

Choose your Niche: If you need to choose to a Niche base on what you have interest in: Technology, Science, Engineering, Art, Music or can also choose to be a Multi-Niche Vlogger.

Get Your Equipment: Recording Tools are used to get your Contents uploaded to the Web. Recording Camera and Camera Stand Can be getting from Alieexpress Jumia or Konga.

Networking: You don’t just create Video contents, publish and Sit, you have to Network with those in the Field and ask them to promote your Contents to their Audience.

Patience: Rome was not built-in a Day. The traffic and Viewers won’t come in Thousands in a Day.

Get traffic:  You will get traffic by asking Friends and family to share your Videos Contents on their Social Media Timeline

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Monetize:  The Dream of every Vlogger is to make money, Your YouTube Channel can be monetize through lots of ways like Using Google AdSense or Advertising for Companies.


How to Earn Money from YouTube without AdSense – Making money Vlogging

Google AdSense is a Program run by Google that Publishers in the Google Network of Content Sites serve automatic text, image or interactive media advertisement. Blog/YouTube Channel owner are usually paid at the end of the Month when the Payment Threshold is reach.

As a Vlogger, Have you ever ask yourself how can I Earn from YouTube without AdSense?  How you can Monetize Your You Tube Channel without AdSense Is what I will look into here:

  • Affiliate Links
  • T-shirts selling
  • e-books
  • Digital Product
  • Sell Courses
  • Get paid to be a Speaker
  • Offer Premium Service
  • Advertising for organization in Your Niche

Affiliate Links: In our previous article were we discuss about How to get the Best out of Affiliate Marketing. Making money using affiliate marketing is one of the Hot cake in town, all you have to do is refer people to buy through your Link and you earn on each successful transaction. It is easy, consume lesser time and Practicable for everybody.

Selling of  T-Shirt:  YouTuber with Art and Designing Skills can leverage on this by designing Cloths that are attractive and sell to Audience

e-books: People now love reading Books in Digital Format without Visiting Libraries near me.  Writing books and promoting using YouTube is great if you are a Writer or Author

Digital Products: Are you a Photographer with attractive images, a Programmer with Apps that solve people Problem or Graphics Designer with Arts that Speak thousands of Words. You can make use of YouTube to promote your Digital Products reach more Audience and get more income.

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Here you’ve read about:

  • How to make money doing vlogs
  • Vlogging and making money
  • How to make Money on Youtube

You can become the Next PewDiePie if you do it the right way, Fighting

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