List of Top 10 Dictionary App for Android


Dictionary app has become part of our day-to-day Activities as we can check for words meaning without carrying big dictionaries. A dictionary app can be a handy tool. Many have features such as a word of the day to help your Vocabulary.

For Android can also serve as a great tool for those new to learning new languages:

it is easier to check for meaning of words and convenient having them on your mobile phone. Here are the Best Dictionary app for Smart Phone!


  1. Word web English Dictionary 

This free offline Dictionary app and thesaurus allows users to read and listen to meaning of Words. Word web Dictionary include the following features; come with 225,000 words defined, synonyms and related words, 225,000 word since definitions and 70,000 usage examples.

This educational dictionary app can suggest words for you as you type and this reduces the stress to complete long words. Support Bookmarks saving and history. Words can be search in Alphabetical listing, search can be filter by using noun, verb, adjective and adverbs.

It needs no internet connection and also free.

List of most have dictionary app for Android

  1.  Long man Dictionary English

Long man Dictionary gives full details of words and this make it easy to use and operate. This Dictionary app  can be call a vocabulary and grammar resource app.

App now come with online thesaurus and vocabulary checker

It contains 109,000 words and word from the academic list. Have  feature for word from the field of Science and Social Studies.

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This Dictionary app also come with mouth-watering features like: searching for idioms and phrasal verbs, favorite words can be Bookmark and word of the day.



  1. Oxford Dictionary Of English

This  app can boost of high catalog words and senses than other apps that belong to this category.  Updated in the year 2007 with more features and less bugs.

Oxford Dictionary of English can be use to search for over 350,000 words, phrases and meanings and with a better User Interface.

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Words can be translate form one language to another.

use by Professionals in the field of Engineering, Sciences, Law and Arts.

  • Use in searching for Words without knowing Spellings
  • Search Auto complete features included
  • Users can make use of Voice Search
  • It allows users to learn “One-word-everyday”
  • Home Widget can be add to Home-screen by users
  • History of Words looked up


  1. Dictionary – Merriam – Webmaster

Is a great learning apps Merriam Webmaster is not an exception as it is use by Millions of users around the globe. This Dictionary app is a great for reference and Vocabulary building you will never drop after a first trial.

It can be use with no access to the internet, free and supported by ads. Internet connection is re to listen to words meaning in Audio format and perform Voice search. This Dictionary app can do the following:

  • Users can learn new word everyday
  • Search History
  • Provides Quick definition
  • Explain how searched words can be use in context
  • Thesaurus is present
  • Voice search enable
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  1. Dictionary PCB [Phy-Che-Bio]

This Dictionary app is for those interested in learning and student. With this app you can get to know about Work, Energy, Power, Cell, Plant, Respiration, Activation Energy and Carbon Family.

It contains over 2000+ physics terms, 8000+ Chemistry terms, and 3000+ Biology terms and there scientific definitions.


You can also text your learning speed by taking Part in Quiz and it is an offline app.



  1. Biology Dictionary

With this Dictionary App learning Biological terms and their meaning will be less stressful and Mobile. It can be use by both Professionals and Student in College.

  • It can be switch from Online mode to Offline mode
  • It is Update at interval
  • Words can be found by using the Search Bar
  • It can Suggest Most Popular terms


  1. Law Dictionary Offline Pro

Are you a Law Professional or Have Interest in become a Law Practitioner one day? Then getting this dictionary app is a must for you. You can  search for Thousands of Law terms and there meaning without visiting the Library or Law Chamber.

Searched words can be bookmark.


  1. Computer Science Dictionary

         This Dictionary App Gives user ability to search for Terminologies related to the field of Computing and Information Technology. It contains 2000+ words and their meaning. Application is free and no registration fee is require .


  1. Rhyme Dictionary

This Dictionary app can be use to search for words and related words that sound like them.


  1. Literary Terms Dictionary

This Dictionary app is  for whoever that has interest in literature and want to have good command of English like Wole Soyinka (The first Africa to won a Laurel). It is easy to use and decode for those that have no formal Knowledge of literature.

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It come with attractive user Interface you will like, it is free of charge, works in offline mode and words have easy to understand meaning.

You can Download the Listed app from Google Playstore




Having a great Dictionary app is now a must for everyone with a Smart Phone. Why? You can  check meaning of Words without embarrassing yourself outside. Most want to download but found it confusing to download because they don’t know what and where to download dictionary app.


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