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List of Free opensource Software for Window | 2018

Window is one of the Popular Operating System around the globe with More than  a million Users as it is free and efficient to use. But Most find it difficult to get software to install on their newly purchase Computer.

  Tech base Team will solve that with this article


List of Free open source Software for Window 2018

After buying a new Pc, the next thing you will want to do is to have the software installed on it to suit your particular purpose of getting the PC. I will list 60 open source software you can use for your window PC.

1.    Libre Office

2.    Calligra

3.    Soft maker free Office

4.    WPS Office Personal Edition

5.    Zoho Docs

6.    Google Docs

7.    Ever-Note

8.    One-note

9.    Google Keep

10.    Apple Notes

11.    Google Chrome

12.    Mozilla Firefox

13.    Vivaldi

14.    Maxthon

15.    Yandex Browser

16.    VLC Media Player

17.    KM player

18.    SMPlayer

19.    Pot player

20.    WinRar

21.    Jzip

22.    Pea Zip

23.    Telegram

24.    Viber

25.    Line

26.    Nimbuzz

27.    Mail bird

28.    Claws Mail

29.    BitTorrent

30.    Deluge

31.    Bit-lord

32.    Ad-cleaner

33.    USB Disk Security

34.    Avira

35.    Cyber-duck

36.    FOFF

37.    Last-Pass

38.    Lock-crypt

39.    Enpass

40.    Encrypter

41.    Internet Download Manager

42.    Free Download Manager

43.    Jdownloader

44.    Greenshot

45.    Sharex

46.    7capture

47.    Duck capture

48.    Crimson Editor

49.    Aranae

50.    ATpad

51.    Photoscape

52.    NOOK

53.    Sumatra PDF

54.    Project64

55.    Baidu Hotspot

56.    Connectify

57.    Redo Backup

58.    Powertools Lite

59.    PC Decraplife CClaener
Libre office: it provides word processing, spreadsheets, slides and diagrams it is an alternative to Microsoft Word

•    Zoho Docs:  is a cloud-based office suite with a word processor, use in making spreadsheet and tools for presenting

•    Google Docs:  is an offline office suite. Widely use for personal use.

•    Ever-note: It allows you to jot down your ideas, reducing the stress of carrying jotter. The written can be saved online and be accessed from anywhere.

•    Apple Notes: is a Note taking software developed by the Apple. It allows data to be stored in the cloud

•    Green-shot is a free open source software use for screenshots. Written in c#, operating system(Window). Website:

•    Photo-scape:  is a graphics editing software, it gives them access to edit photographs taken with digital camera. Website: Size: 20.37MB, Available in seven operating system

•    Maxthon: with it you create an efficient and customizabel note

•    VLC Media Players is a free tool ware, that support many files format, the Vlc media, comes at no cost.
List of free Media players for Windows

•    KMPlayer:   Available for window 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Xp

•    Media Classic Player:  Supported version: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Xp

•    ACG Player: Supported version: Windows 10

•    GOM Player: Supported platform: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7.

•    Divx Player:  Supported platform: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, windows vista, Windows Xp

•    Kodi:  supported platform: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7.

•    Plex: supported platform: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7.

•    5Kplayer: supported platform: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7.

List of Free Anti Virus and Anti-Spyware For window


•    Bit-defender Antivirus

•    Avast Free Anti virus

•    Kaspersky Free

•    Avira Free Software

•    AVG Antivirus Free

•    360 Total Security

•    Comodo Free Antivirus
Password  Managers

•    Lockcrypt

•    Enpass

•    Keepass

•    DAEMON Tools Lite

•    Last Pass

List of Free Window Software you should Have on Your Pc

   Code Editors


•    Crimson Editor: is for professionals to edit source code on Pc (windows). It supports a few number of language. It can be used for syntax highlighting for HTML, C/C++. Java, Perl, and Latex

•    Notepad++: is a Text editor and use for source code editing for use in Microsoft. It allows features highlighting, scripting, and markup language

•    jEdit

•    Editpad Lite

•    ATPad

Photo Editors

•    Pixlr

•    Photocat

•    Befunky

System Optimization

•    CCleaner: is one of the most popular tools for cleaning pc. Trusted by million’s of people. it removes unwanted files and invalid Windows registry entries from a computer. It can delete junk files use by certain programs like internet explorer, Safari, Windows, Adobe Flash, Google Toolbar, Nero Acrobat.

•    Power Tools Lite helps to fix registry.

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