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Learn To Make a 30 Second Explainer Video

An explainer video must not last as long as 90 seconds. The guidelines put real pressure on all of the animators. Most creators find it immensely difficult to summarize the big issues in such a precise video. The standard duration for an explainer video ranges from 30s-60s and to 90 seconds. You have to plan the video in a way that it remains informative, engaging and interesting for viewers to share and like it.

The explainer videos are information that is the reason why it is advised to keep it as short and effective as possible. You have to mold the entire plot and use techniques that can help you achieve your goals without much hassle.

In the explainer animation companies, experts strive to build a strategy that can interact with customers and sustain their attention throughout the video. To help you build a successful 2D explainer video here are some leading guidelines:

Keep a Check on Your Word Count

The script is an imperative part of a 30 seconds video. You have to use precise content to deliver the big meanings and messages. The trick is to first refer the important issue and then present your product as the ultimate solution. It will be not more than a hundred words including questions and statements.

Use Supporting Elements

You have to act smart and use such visuals and elements that can help you explain the content efficiently. The leading lines or images of the product will save you so many words. Most importantly, you can actually demonstrate the entire services process with visuals. By doing so, you do not have to compose words and the visuals will act more proficiently in capturing the attention of viewers.

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Add Colors to Define the Brand Personality

You have to be more specific in choosing the colors for your video. Your color theme must go well with your brand identity and the video content must show uniformity with your work. From characterization to content and its font, each of the corners of your work must be able to represent a uniform and unique flare.

Add a Voice Over

If you add a voice over you do not even have to add the written content and it will make your video even more interesting. You can be able it interact with your customers and engage them for longer.

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