How Can You Make Money Online With 1000 Naira

19 Latest Online Money Making Opportunities


Opportunities comes but once” Here are the Latest online money-making Opportunities you should know in 2019. So that you can cut your own cake out of the Internet cake and not from the National Cake.

Nigerians don’t believe in making money from the internet in the time past. Most believe that it is only for the Yahoo boys.

But to be frank with you we have Nigerians Raking in Millions of Naira from the Internet, we have bloggers, Graphics designer, Vloggers and many other specialist when it comes to Technology and other field.

Money making online is not a Rocket Science but most believe it is for some set of People.

In this article I will be giving you list of Online making Business you can do and How to set them up.

After Reading this course if you still find it difficult to get an online money making opportunities of your choice. You can attend Courses on Udemy to get a better understanding of Digital Marketing Courses,


In this article you will read

  • How to Start Online Business with as Low as 1000
  • Starting Online Business with Nothing
  • How to Become a Udemy Instructor
  • Making Money Online without Paying to Start.

Notice: The opportunities I will be listing Needs your effort


Yeah, below are the Best and Latest Online making Money Scheme that need no or little fund from your side.


Latest Money making Online Opportunities for Nigerians


1.  Starting a YouTube Channel:


Starting a YouTube is one of the easiest way to make cool cash online without big Investment from your side.

YouTube is Video Content Platform that get an amazing 5 billion views per day which is prove of its prowess on the internet. Most People visiting YouTube want to Learn One thing or the other. E.g. Electronics, Science, Culture and others.

What of if you leverage on this and create a channel base on that hidden skills of yours. You establish yourself as authority and get more views.

With increase in Followership, Your Channel can then be monetized. Your earning potential really won’t be determined solely based on Statistics of YouTube Followers but the engagement level. The Niche you provide you provide content to and channels of revenue.

Let’s briefly look at some of the Popular YouTube Niches that are Lucrative and easily for beginners.


1. Vlogs – Money making Online


You should not be confuse by the term. Vlogging involve the recording of day-to-day activities of your life, from cooking in the kitchen, travelling, and going to gulf club and Taking Dog for a walk.

If you have a wide Audience on YouTube for this, this can be a very easy method of connecting to your audience directly as some of what you are doing are what they do day in day out.

We have a lot of YouTuber that make money Vlogging about their activities in Schools, parks, mall, Farm and Kitchen. We have people who quit their monthly job to become a full-time Vlogger especially y because it is easy to start and make money online easily.


2. Tech Videos


Am a fan of Watching Videos on YouTube especially doing the days when I was into Arduino Programming? YouTube is a one stop platform for whoever want to learn about Gadgets and Electronics.

It is interesting especially when the Publisher is well verse in Technology. These days YouTube is one of the best platform where people go for reviews about latest laptop and games. We also have categories of people who visit online video Content Platform to learn Programming, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Game Development, Hardware Programming and more.

If you are a techy person that have Knowledge of one/two modern Tech Skills, you can easily start a Technology YouTube Channel and teach your audience the skills you have got.

Another alternative to this is getting high-end gadgets from companies that want you to promote their product by showing people how it works. This would give three benefits: credibility, huge followership and fast pocket at month ending.


3. Tutorials – Money making online


Doing Keyword Research using Semrush, you will be surprise at what people are searching for on the Internet. People have questions they are seeking answers for. Whether it is Cooking, carpentry, fixing of cars and engines. There are always audience for this things, they can easily learn from blogs but we have Visual leaners that learn faster by seeing instead of seeing.

You could make some cash by teaching people this things.


4. Product Reviews


Five out of Ten people will always visit blogs or YouTube to read reviews before buying Gadgets and products from online store. You can leverage on this by opening a YouTube channel where you Review product and gain followers.

You can get gadgets from companies and stores.

Method of Monetizing a YouTube Channel


  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Post
  • Selling of Products
  • YouTube Ads


YouTube ads are one of the best and easiest way of making money from YouTube channel and it comes with it Cons as well. Recently the standard for getting accepted for this program was increase and this led people to search for other method of monetizing YouTube Channel.

Among the alternatives are Affiliate Marketing, which I call: Making money by referral. You will be pay by the company a commission when your follower buy a product using your affiliate link.

Selling Products is also another method use for making money on YouTube. Are you Cosmetics expert or have a skills? You can turn your ideas into e-books and sell to your email audience.


Who is Making Money on YouTube for?


This money-making money method is for those who like staying in front of camera (It is not for shy people like me), people who like to talk of camera and people who like learning.



2.     Starting a Blog


Blogging in the present is different from what it use to be in the past. Bloggers in Nigeria are always mistaken for those who make money illegally online. It is among the common method of making money in Nigeria that everyone will think when making money online is mention.

Latest on Techbase:  Udacity Affiliates Program: Make money Using Udacity Referral Link

It is easy, need little resources (Writing skills and Search engine Optimization Skills) and you can work from anywhere around the world.  Ways of monetizing a Tech Blog is unlimited and still increasing.

What are the Skills needed and who is Blogging For?


Before getting a Job, you will be asked to send your CV which has your skills. Likewise we have skills to become a Professional blogger.

You don’t just wake up and decides to become a blogger without having some skills

Those Skills are what differentiate you from ordinary writer.

  • Writing Skills: This is the first on the list, you have to write or hire a writer.
  • Search Engine Optimization Skills: This is needed to make your articles reach your targeted audience. You perform keywords research using Keyword research tools
  • Creativity Skills

Blogging for those who are ready to learn, learn, learn, make money, love writing and like teaching. You can’t be a Blogger if you hate writing, you can’t be blogger if you hate reading and you can’t be a blogger if you hate teaching.

Monetizing a blog one of those you should think of before starting a blog. How can a Blog be monetized?

Even if you are drive by passion to start a blog, you have to think of making money from it.

How can a Blog be monetized?

  • Selling e-books
  • Selling e-courses
  • Freelancing
  • Making money as an affiliate
  • Displaying Google Ads on your blog
  • E-commerce
  • Creating a Subscription base blog and sell premium content to members

One thing you should know is that Blogging is not a Get Rich quick scheme. You can’t Become Jide Ogusanya in a day likewise you can’t become Harsh Agrawal in a Month. You need patience. You need a well-established audience before thinking of How to make money off blogging

To know about monetizing a blog. Keywords like the ones below will help

  • How to monetize a Tech Blog
  • How do blog owners make money
  • Alternative method for making money apart from AdSense.


3.   Affiliate Marketing

Apart from being a method of monetizing blogs. It is a Topic that people needs to have better understanding of. This is a type of marketing in which business owners gives you a commission when your site visitors buy a products using your affiliate link.

We have different Types of affiliate marketing programs which you can choose base on niche (Travelling, software, Electronics and Service rendering) of your choice.

  • Pay per Click affiliate program
  • Pay per performance affiliate program
  • Pay per sale
  • Pay per lead

Affiliate marketing is for those who love advertising and ready to work, you don’t just join affiliate programs in Nigerians and expect to earn without working. You have to promote your referral link using forum, Blogs and Facebook Ads.

In the past, i have look into the following Affiliate Program


4.     Niche Website – money making online


Niche website can be define as website that is focused on a particular topic which gives people relevant information on that particular Topic. They are normally in small scale and easy to support. You will recognize a Sub-Niche blog with the following

  • Low amount of Contents
  • They are focused on a Topic
  • They don’t rely on multiple source of income
  • Most traffic are from search engine

Below are various Sub- Niche site you can try out in 2019.


Niche: Fitness

Sub Niches: Body Building, Strength Training, Boxing, Yoga, Pilates,  Spin/Cycling, TRX, Running, Hiking, MMA, Outdoor Exercise, Resistance Training, Stretching and Toning, Healthy Eating, Cross-Fit, Zumba, Marathons, Mud Runs, Spartan Races, Working out with Kids, working out from Home.


Niche: Health

Sub Niches:, Paleo, Vegan/Vegetarian, Cooking for Two, Cooking for a big family, Crockpot Cooking, Healthy Kids Lunches, Organic, Clean-Eating, Eating Healthy on the Go, Low Carb/Sugar, Protein, Mediterranean, 5 Ingredient Recipes, Healthier Shopping Tips.

Niche: Health (Mind and Body)

Sub Niches: Phobia, Or Illness has a niche and multiple sub-niches, Diabetes, Cancer, Dementia, Eating Disorders, Depression, Stress, Alcoholism, Anxiety, Literally any Disease, and Addiction

Niche: Blogging

Sub Niches: Startup, Web Traffic, Social Media, Opin-In/ List Building, Podcasts, Videos, Webinars, Community, Copy/Sale Writing, Funnels, Affiliate Marketing, Services, Sponsored Posting, Ads, Design, WordPress, Themes.

Niche: Self-Worth

Sub Niche: Emotions, Feelings, Forgiveness, Confidence, Community, Healing, Social Anxiety, People-Pleasing, Negative and Positive Thinking, Happiness, Joy, Making Friends, Priorities, Success, Building Relationships/Friendships that Last, Motivation, Optimism

Niche: Organizing

Sub Niches: Small Spaces, Hard to Use Spaces, Labels, Simple Living, Downsizing, Minimalism, Finances, Time, Closets, Garages, Pantries, Furniture, Large Spaces, Kids toys

Niche: Faith

Sub Niches: Healing, Forgiveness, How to Read the Bible, Spirituality, Grace vs. Mercy, Building a Personal Relationship with the Lord, Sharing the Word, Missions, Outreach, Rebuilding Broken Faith, Maintaining Faith in Today’s Tough Times, Children’s Ministries.

Niche: Make Money from Home (WAHM, SAHM) I always think “what about the dads?)

Sub Niches: Blogging, Surveys, Mystery Shopping, Freelance Writing, Freelance Other, Coaching, Services, Personal Virtual Assistants, Social Media, Proofreading, Editing, Data-Entry, Products and Residual Income.

Niche: Save Money

Sub Niches: Coupons, Travel Deals, Tips and Hints for Saving Monthly Expenses, Refinancing, Reducing Credit Card Debt, Paying off Student Loans, Interest Education, Buy this, not that comparisons.

Niche: Happiness

Sub Niches: Joy, Optimism, Motivation, Ways to Reduce Stress, Conquering Depression, Making and Keeping Good Friends, Priorities, Relationship Health, Goals, Ambitions, Dreams, Confidence, Inner Guidance and Peace, Work-Life Balance.

Niche: Law of Attraction

Sub Niche: Happiness, Wealth, Health, Joy, Love, Tips on How to Get the Law Working, Meditation, Affirmations, Subliminal Messages, Manifestation, Vision Boards, Journaling, Believing, Faith and the Law, Surrounding Yourself with Like Minds.

Niche: Makeup/Skincare

Sub Niches: Hair care, Vitamins, Cruelty-Free, Tutorial and How-To’s, Time Saving Regimes, Glam, Halloween, Skincare for Acne, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Bronzing, Base Layers, Eating for Better Skin, Exercise, and Your Skin, Recreating Looks,

Niche: Outdoors

Sub Niche: Survival Skills, Hiking, Mountains, Deserts, Forests, Life Skills, Plants and Animals, Preservation, Conservation, Responsible Use, Extreme Sports, Kayaking, Fishing, River Rafting, National Parks, Bird Watching, Big Game, Safari’s, Trees, Gardening, Landscaping, Backpacking.

Latest on Techbase:  DomainRacer Affiliate Program Review

Niche: Teaching

Sub Niches: Classroom Organization, Working with Special Needs, Any Class Subject, Online Teaching, Ethics, Community Outreach, Getting Parents Involved, Scholarships, College Applications, Homeschooling, Graduation Rates, Improving Retention, this niche goes on for days. Teach what you know!

Niche: Parenting

Sub Niches: Small Children, Babies, Teens, Adult Children, Step-Parenting, Empty Nest, Kids and Finances, Responsibility, Discipline, School, Sports, Dealing with Difficult Friends, Solo-Parenting (I could write a Book), Privacy, Communication, Mutual Respect, House Rules, Terrible Twos, Twins (Or Two), Accepting Help, Finding Childcare, Appreciating their Differences, Teens and Broken Hearts, Emotions,

Niche: Pregnancy

Sub Niche: What to Expect, Support, Saving Money, Breastfeeding, Special Needs, Bonding, Baby Stages, Getting Sleep, Teething, Earaches, Skin rashes, Common Health Issues, Recovery, Getting Back into Shape with a Baby, Mother Self-Care,

Niche: Photography

Sub Niches: Adobe, Photoshop, Editing, Lighting, Outdoor Photos, Studio Photos, Groups, Portraits, Photo Design, Stock, Digital, Black and White, Film, Polaroid, Cinema, 8mm, Restoration, Scrapbooking.

Niche: Relationships

Marriage, Dating, Date Ideas, Romance, Infidelity, Moving in Together, In-Laws, Starting a Family, Co-Parenting, Step-Parenting, Divorce, Engagement ,Sex, Supporting One Another, Work-Life Balance, Finances, Priorities, Family First, Respect, Planning for the Future, Healing.

Niche: Fashion

Sub Niche: Summer, Seasonal, Capsule, Classic, Couture, Paris, New York, Budget, Multi-Purpose, Dressing for your Body, Swim, Steals and Deals, Hipster, Sewing, Creating Your Own, Etc. This list goes on and on.

Niche: Crafts

Sub Niche: Art, Painting, Sketching, Crocheting, Quilting, Watercolor, Cards, Wood-work, Metal Signs, Lighting, Scrap-Booking, Gard-ending, 4H, Literally Thousands of hobbies could go here, Sewing, Stamps Reclaimed Design-works has a whole blog dedicated to repurposing wood. Kids Crafts, Paper Mache Calligraphy

Niche: Movies/Music

Sub Niches: Music- History and Appreciation, Reviews, Interviews, Star Trivia, Quizzes, Top-Ten Lists, Com-prisons, Roles, Directors, Videos, Concerts, Charity Events and Awareness, Just keep it positive and true. There is enough tabloid garbage to last a lifetime. Instruments, Lessons

Niche: Retirement

Sub Niches: Early Retirement, Savings, Investments, Bonds, Stocks, IRA’s, 401K, Roth, College, Adult Children, Location, Budgeting, Medical Costs, Interest Income, and Residual Income.

Niche: Holidays

Sub niches: Food, Design, Decorating, Events, Parties, Crafts, for nearly every holiday imaginable.

Niche: Food

Sub Niches: Baking, Cooking, BBQ’s, Grilling, Gourmet, Cake-Decorating, Chocolate, Pies, Cookouts, Summer Cooking, Wine Pairings, Gardening, Organic, Fine Dining, Restaurants, Exotic Foods, From Scratch, Food Photography, Pasta, Diets, Healthy Eating, Canning.

Niche: Homes

Sub Niches: Framing, Foundations, Septic, Water, Lighting, Drywall, Flooring, Electric, Plumbing, Permits, Contracting, Sub-Contracting, or my personal favorite Building for Dummies lol, Interior Design, Landscaping, Furniture, Space Saving Ideas, Do-It-Yourself

Niche: Pets

Sub Niches: Dogs, Cats, Horses, Farms, Medical Care, Grooming, Behavior, Attention, Charity, Shelters, Aquarium, Toys, Foods, Health Care, Obedience Training, Traveling.

Niche: Alternative Care

SubNiches: Massage, Acupuncture, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Essential Oils, Energy Work, Hypnosis.

Niche: Medical

Healthcare, Hospice, Elder Care, Special Needs, Autism, ADHD, Nursing, Medical Training, EMT, Emergency Services, Residency, Trauma, Billing, Records, Psychiatry, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Medical School, Radiology, Physical Therapy.

From the List of Sub-niche site Listed above, you can easily choose one and make yourself an authority.


Methods of Monetizing a Niche Blog – money making online

  • Displaying of Private ads
  • Product reviews for company
  • Sell of Digital Product for example e-books on How to Make Cake for a Cake Making blog
  • Affiliate marketing



5.  Create a Membership Site – money making online


Membership site are site where people have to pay before they can access the content made available. The payment can be a monthly/annual payment. Those type of website are website created in such a way that users can interact with one another.

This type of Money making method needs proper planning and Knowledge. You can’t create a membership site when you are not that good in that field. You can’t call yourself a Lawyer when you don’t even know what the constitution means.

You can always hire those who are expert in the field to manage the site for you if you have some bucks to spare.


6.  Sell of Websites – money making online


This must sound new to your hearing, but we do have people that build websites for selling. They buy domain name, buy Hosting and write articles. Once the Site start ranking, they look for whoever might be interested to purchase.

We have people that buy website instead of building from scratch which might take time. Flippa is a site where people can buy and sell site.

All you need is a good writing and SEO skills to build the site up to a standard that you can sell at a High Price.


7.  Become Instructor on Udemy – money making online


Udemy is a platform that I normally call YouTube alternative for learning. We have millions of people who are paying Dollars to learn various skills on this platform. This method of money making online is for those have a skills and not afraid of facing the camera.

All you need is a Good camera, Voice, voice recording instruments and noise free recording room.


Currently Udemy has more than 5 million student around the world with each taking courses like game development, android development and other courses of choice.

Your courses can be created in various format: Text, Audio and Video

Having skills like marketing skills, graphics design and content curation is an added advantage.


8. SEO Analyst money making online


Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a Site/Blog/Forum visible on search engines. Google algorithm is not what it is use to be in the past and Companies appearing on Google front page is one the method of getting free Traffic.

You can make use of this by learning SEO on YouTube/ Blogs that deal with SEO.

Becoming an SEO expert is not a day job, you have to practice what you learn from blogs and YouTube. To have access to On-page SEO Tutorial from Udemy You can make use of our Contact Box.


9.  Develop an Apps – money making online


Do you have Knowledge of Programming? If yes, then you can easily make money online by Developing an apps. Developing an apps that solves people problem is a way to make cash online. Once you have people using your apps.

Latest on Techbase:  5 Best Free Email Encryption Software


You can monetize using Ad mobs/subscription method.

  • How to Submit App to Google Play
  • How to Get Apps Ideas
  • Best Programming for App Development
  • How to monetize an application


10. Develop a Software – money making online


Software development is dope if you can create a software that can solve a trending problem that people are facing. This online way of making money is for those who like to develop new product and solving problems.

You might be thinking that being a software owner is only for those who can code. It is not, you can be a Tech company owner without having prior knowledge of Programming. All you have to do is Hire/partner with a Programmer to turn your software idea into reality.

Developing a software is not enough, there is something you must look at before developing any software

  • Am I solving a Problem
  • How relevant will this software be in the next 5-10 years
  • What will the trend be like in the Next few years
  • Is the idea feasible enough

Above are what you should ask yourself before thinking of turning that idea into a product.



11. Teach Your Language – money-making online


This money making online method need no funds, all you need is your time and commitment. We have Europeans that are coming into Nigeria to learn Languages. You can offer to teach them at a particular price.

We have platform like where you can join to get people who might have interest to learn.



12.Manage Social Handles for Companies – money making online


Social media is now a great marketing tools use by Companies to reach their potential customer and reach a targeted audience. But do you know most of these companies don’t have time to update their Facebook Page?

Must are short are short of technical staff to do that. You can offer to help in managing the Facebook handles when they pay you for it.


13.Building Backlinks


Backlinks is of the most Ranking signal that Google use in ranking Blog post. We have Blog owners that have no time to build Backlinks. You can offer to build them backlinks for a particular fee. Seoclerk and Fiverr is good site to join to get more Backlink buyer. You can Visit our Freebies Store to Download List Of Blogs to Comment on For free


14. Graphics Designer


Graphics Design is another field of specialization that is gaining more momentum this days. The world is becoming more of Visuals and Art.  Graphics design Is one the common aspects of a business that catch audience attention even without saying a world.

Companies and bloggers are looking for Professional Graphics designer in Nigeria to help design Art that communicate Thousands of words with a simple graphics.

Becoming a Professional Graphics designer is not a Day job, as you have to keep on working your skills and never stop learning. We have professional courses you can take on Udemy to know better.

I know it will be hard but never give up.


15. Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant are those who provide technical and administrative assistance to clients remotely. They make use of various software to give help off site using internet. One advantage of working as a Virtual assistance is that you can work for more than one company.


16. Selling of Products on Jumia


Jumia is a Popular Nigeria Online store where individual can order for goods and get it deliver to their door step. With over 200 million audience across Africa, Jumia is that online platform where you can sell your product with ease.

Jumia market place allow you to be a vendor and create your own online shop under their website. This method is good for those who have a product to sell.


17. Selling Product on Konga – money making online


Konga is another Popular Nigeria Online Store after Konga. Thousands of product are sold daily by this company. In the Process they create a platform for others to sell their product using the website. How can I benefits from this?

The way to benefit from this is to create your own products, a products that people won’t resist to order for at a glance. Go to Konga official website, join the program, take a picture of your product and upload.


18. Mini Importation – Money making Online


Meaning Importation In Nigeria is another source of smiling to banks during weekend. It is the act of importation of Product from other countries at a cheaper rate and sell here at a high price. Getting resources to know about Mini Importation is not that hard. But getting the best Mini Importation pdf is rare.

To know more about mini Importation in Nigeria, search for the following terms on Google.

  • Free Mini Importation e-book
  • Profitable importation business in Nigeria
  • Mini importation guide pdf
  • What can I import from Dubai


19. Website Developer – money making online


With the Increase in the rate of business moving online. There will be increase in need for web developer in Nigeria. Web developer are those who create website using Programming language.

How can I become a web developer?

Becoming a web developer is not a day job but sacrifice will worth it when you have the skills.

To learn more about this, search for the following on Google

  • How long those it take to be a Programmer
  • What is the best programming language to learn
  • Courses to take to become a Web Developer
  • Places to learn web development in Nigeria
  • Website to learn programming for free


To Sum Things up on money making online. With the list of online making Programs you can do as a side hustle

You have read about

  • How to make money online in Nigeria
  • How to make money without paying anything
  • How to make money in Nigeria as a Student
  • Latest online money-making Opportunities

Do you have any comment/ask let’s interact through in the Comment box.


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