Ipad Not Turning On

Ipad Not Turning On – How To Solve The Problem


Nothing beats the bad expression of holding an iPad that doesn’t turn on(Blank screen iPad) .


Oh oh oh  don’t panic , You just have to chill …… This 5 minute article will definitely get this fixed if you follow the instruction provided thoroughly .


Let dive right into this !


  1. Inspect in case or liquid or physical damage .


You never can say , Your iPad might have been damage physically as it of very fragile …… maybe you put it in a harsh environment or even if too much pressure is applied on  it .


And also it may be damage due to water penetration into it maybe you mistakenly spill a glass of liquid on it or you take it with you when swimming.


For detecting signs of damage through liquid or physical agent …. Check for cracks on the iPad , Any drop of water on any part of it , Check if the button still works normally and also check the speaker to check for liquid spill in it .


Having checked this and this is not the problem ? ………Then, you can move to the next tip .


  1. Hard reset your iPad


Force restart your iPad as it might be having software issues .


Sure . The word “Hard reset ” looks like we needs some technical expertise here  but we Don’t  ……. It is damn easy ! .


How ?


Hold down your home and power button of your iPad  simultaneously for 15 seconds or less till an Apple logo appear on your iPad .

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Does still issue still persist ? ……. Then go to the next ultimate step that can solve this ! .



  1. Simply Plug your charger and charge your iPad .


It may not be that your iPad is not turning on because it’s faulty or something ,  it may have insufficient power to run .


Why not connect your charger to the socket and charge it for at least 30 minutes .


If your iPad automatically turns on with an Apple logo appearing on it …. Then , Smile ….. Your iPad is on ! .



  1. Turn that iPad on again


Now that you’ve charged your iPad and it still isn’t turning on , you may have to make  an approach by turning it on by yourself . Hold the power button on your iPad until you see an apple logo come up( usually takes seconds. ) .


If your iPad is on after that approach , then …… Congratulation , Your iPad is back to life and may continue running efficiently as before !


  1. Contact Technical expertise or Tech geeks .


If the problem still persist and your iPad refuses to turn on , I am sorry to say that it might have been faulty .


What can you do ?


Employ the services of technical experts or tech geeks and geniuses near you to help with the problem .


Warning —-> Do not try to repair or unscrew any part of it yourself as you risk your iPad to more damage  .



So you really finished this article ….. wasn’t long though and i know i was of great help even if you don’t say it .

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I know I’ve made your day by providing quick fix for your iPad that is not turning on , Why don’t you also make my day by sharing this article . Cheers !

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