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How and Why to Use Instagram Nametag If You Have A Business Profile


Have you ever heard of Instagram nametag? A few suggestions to integrate it into your marketing strategy

Instagram nametag is a very easy and fast way to let your potential users find your business profile. Below we’ll explain what a nametag is, how to personalize it and how to use it to encourage people to follow your account.

Instagram nametag: what it is

The nametags on Instagram are very similar to Snapchat snap codes and Facebook Messenger codes. They have been designed to be scanned quickly, with the goal of bringing users to follow a certain Instagram profile.

The nametag goes to solve the problem in the case of user name difficult to understand, which happens very often. The new feature allows you to scan the code without having to add or type additional information, offering the ability to instantly view your profile, then follow you

Activating the nametag is very simple:

  • enter your Instagram profile and click on the three lines at the top right of the screen;
  • select the nametag entry;
  • Personalization begins.

All users have access to the function and a nametag is automatically set when the app is updated.

The plus, however, remains the personalization. You can choose to put a colored code, emoji or a selfie. All three can be modified according to your personal preference or based on your brand values.

Once you have selected your favorite background, simply touch the X to close the window. All changes are saved automatically.

How to share your Instagram nametag and integrate it into your marketing strategy

There are several ways to share the nametag with your target audience. Let’s see some of them below.

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Show the nametag inside your store

Perfection Chocolates, a very famous candy store in Australia, included nametags inside the store, simply by printing it on flyers and creating window stickers to be attached to shop windows.

A positioning that makes it very easy to “follow” by customers who are already in your store, even more so if they have a little ‘wait before and try to deceive the time, or again, if they were satisfied with the service received.

Share your nametag to events

If your company participates in fairs and exhibitions, you can use the nametag and print it on a roll up. In this way you can provide the opportunity for your potential customers to get in touch with you on Instagram, using the social as a business card (with the difference that you cannot lose in the bottom of a bag or inside the basket of the garbage). The nametag can also be printed on flyers or plates to be placed inside the stand.

If you frequent networking events, instead, save the image of your Instagram name as a picture of the phone lock screen. This way, when you’re at an event and want to connect with someone, simply open the phone on the lock screen image to allow scanning.

Many events have a video that loops the contents created around a certain hashtag. You can think about publishing your nametag on Instagram and / or Twitter using the event hashtag. This way you can increase your visibility and encourage other participants to search for you.

Cross-media promotion on the other channels used

Promote your nametag on other social platforms (or blogs) to channel the audience you have on those other platforms and bring it to Instagram. Amy Boyle, a well-known photographer, shared the Twitter nametag asking her followers to follow her on Instagram too.

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Social Media Hat, on the other hand, has a pop-up on its website to encourage visitors to follow the Instagram account. People who land on the blog are already aware of the quality content published, which is why they could respond very positively to the Call To Action dedicated to Instagram.


Nametags on Instagram are a quick way to allow others easy connection with your professional video animation company. It is always good to specify that the ultimate goal should never be to count the number of followers: the important thing is to have a community in target that creates interaction, with which to establish lasting relationships, so as to facilitate user conversions to customer.

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