How To Use Ahrefs For Keyword Research

How To Use Ahrefs For Keyword Research 2019 [Easily]


How To Use Ahrefs For Keyword Research is the topic.There is no doubt that keyword research is one of the most important factor to consider when writing a content in order to rank for it .


Don’t get me wrong , not doing keyword research when writing a content doesn’t mean you’ll not rank for that keyword you’re writing a content for ……… You know , getting more information about your keyword before writing make you know the keyword that are hot and those that are not , what to write on , what not to ,  keyword competitors are writing on and many more . So , when you know all those factors , it help you craft better contents around your keyword and rank for it ✌ .


According to Wikipedia , “Keyword Research is a practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and research alternative search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject ” .


But it can be easily interpreted as this for you to understand better .

Keyword research can simply be said to be an art of searching for keywords that have enormous search volume , The keyword related searches and how easily it can be ranked for on Google.


Through keyword research , You are able to write articles with keywords that people search for and also track your competitors ; see what keywords they rank for , the keyword density and so on.


Now . When it comes to keyword research , The ultimate keyword research tool provided by Ahrefs is the best to go with .


Ahrefs have been in the Seo game for quite some time now and they have been producing top Seo tools to help you rank your contents easily on Google.


Part of their blog-ranking tool is their keyword research tool .


Now , How to do keyword research with Ahrefs keyword research Seo tool .


There’s no specific approach for keyword research , It all depends on quite a number of factors namely your website authority, page – quality , Your objectives and goals , Your budget (really matters) , resources available and your competitive landscape .


With Ahrefs keyword explorer and content Explorer ; You’ll do keyword research for your blog the Pro way !


Let get started with a guide on how to use the keyword explorer for effective keyword research and to generate quality report .


List of Ahrefs Terms – How To Use Ahrefs For Keyword Research

 AHREFS   KEYWORD EXPLORER – How To Use Ahrefs For Keyword Research


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The Ahrefs keyword explorer is a complete tool for keyword research purpose .


The Ahrefs keyword explorer has many special features which distinguishes it from just other keyword explorers .


Let take a flash look at some of this features :


(a)  Keyword suggestion –> Ahrefs keyword explorer have thousand of keyword suggestions for every keyword as it has an enormous database of more than 3 billion keywords .


(b) Keyword difficulty level –> This special feature shows you a report on how difficult it is to rank for a specific keyword depending on the Seo of current top pages ranking for that keyword .


(c)  Shows result in many country(100+ countries supported) –> It shows result based on data from more than 100+ countries in its database .


(d) Favourite Keyword list –>  It makes a list of your favorite keywords  for references in your search tool in case you need them in the future .


(e)  Exact data of search volume –> Ahrefs keyword explorer provides accurate search volume figures.

According to them , They got this on-point search volume exact figures by modeling large amounts of clickstream data against the base search volume from Google’s Keyword Planner.


(f) Calculates the Click rate —> This shows the rate of people that click on the search result of a keyword and only Ahrefs keyword explorer shows the exact and true value(no bot clicks recorded) .


(g)  A report on SERP overview & positions history –>  This is a perfect feature that helps with tracking pages that ranks so high on a  particular keyword  , It shows a Seo metric of high rank pages and also their previous year ranking history .


(h) Return rate –> This shows how much people re-search the  keyword after first search .


(i) Number of clicks per search –-> This shows various results people click on when they perform a search on a specific keyword .


(j) advance metric —>


Just to mention these cool features above , There are a lot of other features of the Ahrefs keyword Explorer tool .


To do your keyword research with the Ahrefs keyword explorer , You need to access the explorer .

After accessing the explorer , enter a keyword you’ll like to research and you’ll proceed to a page which contains a  data report on the keyword you want to research .


This result contains the search volume , Click rate , Keyword suggestions , Global volume and the keyword difficulty .

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You also get to check similar keywords and  phrases that match with your keyword and how well they do , Which includes their search volume, cost per click and their click rate .


The Ahrefs keyword explorer is all you need to carry out deep researches and get accurate analysis on your keyword .


It is one of the best keyword research tool for you and has been used by a lot of Seo experts to satisfy their respective clients .

Would you like to dive deeper into your keyword researching by checking on contents with those keywords ?  , Read on ! .


AHREFS CONTENT EXPLORER – How To Use Ahrefs For Keyword Research


Ahrefs Content Explorer tool is  an excellent content research tool  , This tool feeds you with a list of  articles relating to your keyword based on their performance report .


Why do you need this tool as a part of your keyword researching tool  ? This tool give you the ability to perform a further research on your keyword ( after getting it analysis report with the site explorer ) by giving you a report of list of contents relating to your keyword .


It report the content social shares( data from Facebook,twitter e.t.c ) , The organic search traffic( This is one of the reason why you need it for keyword research ) , and the referring domains


It also has a huge and enormous database of over 2 million articles which are updated daily . And as result of this , You might need to filter and sort the result for deeper and for specific searches .


Therefore , the result can be filtered using the following factors :


(a) Language –-> You can filter articles based on languages it is written in .


(b) Backlink –-> You can filter contents through their number of backlinks . Through this , you can know the  possibility of the article ranking fast on Google .


(c) Traffic –> Know the contents people are reading , what’s hot and what’s not about contents relating to your keywords so you can know the way to go about writing your contents .


(d) Article length –->  Filter articles based on their number of words


(e) Social shares –> You filter based on the social shares , you see articles of your keyword that are being current enjoyed by people on different social media .

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(f) Domain rating –>  filter the articles based on domain rating of the website the article is hosted on ( A filter option that really helps with keyword research; know the domain rating of your competitors ) .


(g) Date –> Filter your result by date and browse only articles published on your preferred date or time .


Those ☝ are the filter options you can use to get the exact report you want ! .


After you’ve filtered the articles ……You might want to see more about an article ,  then you can  research deeper into each articles without leaving the content explorer tool by clicking on the *Detail button* to generate and get access to the report  containing the organic keyword(keyword the content ranks for on Google Search Engine ) , the number of backlinks pointing to the content and their source , the number of domains linking to the article and lot more .

These tools …….. If well used and properly utilized , This Ahrefs tools for keyword and even content researching  ( Site explorer & Content explorer ) can help you easily find keyword with high search volume and less competition and can help you craft better contents according to your keyword research.

These tools are obviously what you need to write properly keyword researched articles and while continuing with these practices on every content you want to rank , they will have high probability of ranking better on Google .


How To Use Ahrefs For Keyword Research

Here I will briefly show you How to use ahrefs for keyword research.

  • Go to “Keywords Explorer’ from the Headings
  • Input the seed keywords of the articles you want to write on
  • Click on Search
  • Scroll down the screen, Click on “also rank for” and click on “View all”
  • Click on KD to filter it out “Input the minimum and maximum KD of your choice”
  • Click on Volume and input the volume of your choice “500 is recommended”
  • Here you have a good list of Keywords

One of the things to look for doing keyword research is the DR of the site on the first page. Once their Dr is higher than 35, ranking for that keyword needs more effort.

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