How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

How to make money with affiliate marketing? There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online without having any product.


Affiliate marketing simply deals with you selling other people good for a commission. Commission may be 10% , 30% and sometimes 80% , It differs with the affiliate program you go with .


Now, The question is, How do you make it real big with affiliate marketing?


Truth be told, Affiliate marketing is not easy and it requires a lot of patience and efforts, The sweetest part about this, Is that , it  generates a steady passive income stream when the effort and time you put in start paying off .

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Now that you’ve decided to start doing affiliate marketing, The steps below are what you need to get you started and making money in the affiliate marketing field if you focus and follow each step as written below.




Choose an affiliate program that suits you, There are many affiliate programs out there but Make sure you carry out research on anyone you decide to partner with so you won’t fall for scam .


Choose an affiliate program that meets your requirements, if you need an affiliate program that pays you up to 80% per sale, you probably won’t go with that affiliate program that pays only 10% .


Know everything about the affiliate program you choose to work with; Their mode of payment, The tools provided my program, how the program tracks sales, How commission is earned (Some affiliate programs pays many days after confirmed sales ) .


Now that you’ve chosen the best affiliate program to work with, You can now proceed to choosing a niche .



  1. CHOOSING A NICHE – How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing


Your niche depends the type of product you will be promoting , And the product niche you choose may depend on the niche of your blog(if you have one) and if you don’t have , You can either create the blog or a Vlog ( a video blog ) on YouTube .


If you don’t own any of this and doesn’t want to create them, then a huge social media following of fan page will do .


The General rule for choosing a Niche in Affiliate marketing is to choose a Niche that pays you well ; Something that provides a solution to people , These are the type of products people are willing to buy  … So if your product Is in this niche , You’ll make it with affiliate marketing with time  .


  1. METHOD OF PROMOTION – How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing


As i said in the previous step, You can promote your affiliate products through a blog / vlog  , landing page , Social media  .


Any of the platform listed above can be used as a medium to get your product to prospective buyers .


Landing pages and Blog are the most efficient ways used for affiliate marketing this days as it is a specific way to get across to your targeted audience .


Landing pages are those pages you see asking for your email in order to send you an amazing offer(eBook or software ) , and you in turn get affiliate products introduced to you by your mail after getting the offer .


This type of pages are very converting and provides an easy way to generate huge revenue with affiliate marketing , Check out ‘Click Funnels’ for creating and managing  landing pages that converts well .


With of off these 3 steps being put to action, practice patience and dedicate more time and you’ll see outstanding results.


You can search YouTube for “Affiliate marketing dude ” channel to get many affiliate marketing tips , tricks and hacks because the industry keeps changing…..Stay updated ! .


many are asking about how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website? Do you believe it is possible yes it is. Below are few of the method you can use.

  • Forum
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Making use of chat bot

How To Make money With Affiliate Marketing On Facebook

As we know that social media is on of the way to promote affiliate links and get more sells but be suprise when some people don’t know how to go about it.

That is what i will be doing here. So how can i make money from affiliate marketing program like Jumia affiliate program , Whogohost affiliate program and others.

When we talk of promoting, we are talking of getting more people to buy your product using your Facebook account which is my main reason for adding this Sub-heading.

This is how it works: You get your affiliate links. For example if it is a Scar Removing product. You need to write a content stating the problem and what your affiliate product will be doing to remove it.

Here’s an example:

At (Your affiliate Company), A solution was provided for(Solution or Product) “that

  1. Problem it will be solving
  2. Another Problem it will be solving

You can as well make use of Facebook Page to promote and get more affiliate sign up. One of the factors that need to be consider when using Facebook(especially your timeline) is your Audience.

You can’t be promoting Semrush affiliate program on a Facebook Timeline where 80% of the audience are entertainments fans.

You need to look for affiliate marketing program that fit your Facebook Timeline Audience, if most of your friends are Techies/Bloggers then it is better to look for products they will like.

Another alternative to Facebook Page and personal Timeline is Facebook Groups.


Reasons Why You Won’t Make It With Affiliate Marketing

As we have Rules and Laws that guides countries so also we have Do’s and Don’t of affiliate marketing. Here I will briefly look into them.

  • No Enough Traffic
  • Targeting the Wrong Audience
  • Not choosing the Right Product
  • No Basic Knowledge
  • Not Ready To Learn
  • Using the Wrong Method of Promotion
  • Having More friends/family on Your Friend List


No enough Traffic:

Making money from affiliate marketing have a lot to do with the daily visitors you have to your site. You can’ make much from affiliate marketing if your daily visitors are not up to 10.


Targeting the Wrong Audience:

This is another reason why making passive Income from affiliate marketing might be hard for individuals. Targeting the right audience is the first barrier that you must overcome as an affiliate marketing blogger. You affiliate product can’t be schools bags and you are targeting Adults between age 50-60. It is not done that way. You need to choose the right audience for the right product


Not Choosing The Right Product – How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing


Choosing the right product is another one here. You don’t choose a product because the affiliate commission is high, Are you choosing the right Product? It is not a matter of filling your site with affiliate links.

You should ask yourself some things to get the best out of affiliate marketing.

  • Who are my Audience?
  • What are they looking for?
  • What problem are they facing before visiting my site?

Having Many Friends And Family On Your List

I know you would be suprised seeing this here? As i said earlier you can make money from affiliate marketing by using your Facebook account but do you know their are cases you won’t be able to make use of it?

That is when you have more of friends and family on your Timeline. Lets take for example you sign up for a affiliate program.

Posted it on your Timeline then go to sleep expecting money for the account. whereas 80% of your People on your list are old time friends from secondary and High School with sense of entitlement.

They keep on disturbing your inbox on the product but keep on asking for free and at the end of the day, you were able to get 5 referral.


Thanks for reading How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing and You have learn how to make money online without a website.


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