How to extract zip files on your android smartphone

How to extract zip files on your android smartphone[Quickly]


I remember when I was sent a package in zip file format,and I didn’t know how to extract zip files on your android smartphone

So I did some research and I used it, and it worked.

Today am going to share with you the same tactic used to open a zip file on my android smart phone.

Some phones, do not have this Feature in their File Explorer, especially most Android One phones.

But thanks to some 3rd party File Explorers, we can now unzip a zip file, easily.

Here you will learn: How to extract Zip Files for free on your Android Phone


 How to extract zip files on your android smartphone.

I’ll let them out for you:

1. Es File Explorer:

This app is very cool, it has other great features, but for this post, we will be concentrating on the Un zip Function of the Es file explorer.

Here’s how you access the Es File explorer:

  • Download Es File Explorer from Google Play store.
  • Open the App after installation
  • Locate the Zip file you want to Unzip
  • After locating, Long press the file
  • The interface of the App changes, so click on the 3 column on the right hand side
  • A pop up appears, Click on the Extract to on the Pop up
  • You have to choose the destination path of where you want the Content of the zip file to be.
  • After choosing Click on Extract.
  • Wait for a while ( The bigger the Zip file the Longer it takes)
  • After its completed, your zip file is now Extracted.
  • Note, that the zip file is still existing, so if you don’t need it you can delete after extraction and use the Extracted files.
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Note: I only recommend the above if you have seen the files you intend Extracting from the Zip file.


2. Use Google Files:

I won’t actually call this, a 3rd party apps  from Google, in fact it comes as what is called ” Bloatware” with most phones.

But if it doesn’t come as a bloatware with your phone, then you should try downloading it from Google’s play store.

To Unzip the file follow the steps:


  • Open the Google Files app
  • Click on Internal Storage

How to extract files on android using Google files

  • Locate your File

How to extract files on Android Using Google

  • Click on the file

How to extract files on Android Using Google

  • A pop up appears with A button at the bottom labeled “Extract”
    Click on it and your files will be Extracted.
  • So that’s it on how to extract zip files on your android smartphone.


3. Extract Files on Android Phone using Easy Unrar

One of the alternative for Extracting Files on android is making use Easy Unrar.

Follow the steps below on How to Extract Files on Android Using Easy Unrar.

The First Step to Extracting Files using Easy Unrar is by Downloading and Installing it from Playstore.

  • Go to your app manager
  • Click on Easy Unrar
  • Navigate to the File you want to extract, click on it.
  • Check on the Touch me to extract button you will see on the screen.
  • And click on extract button
  • Then you have successfully extract the file

we have other Easy Unrar alternative like: B1 Free archiver, jZip, Bandzip, Hamster Free Zip archiver and many others.


You don’t have to root your Phone and go through the stress of Kingo Root stuck at 90 to do this, it’s as easy as ABC.

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After trying out the process listed above, which one is more easier for you and What are the problems you face when extracting your files using the method listed above.

Or do you have know other method for extracting files. Let us interact through the comment box.


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