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How To Duplicate A Page In WordPress

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How To Duplicate A Page In WordPress? Do you need the duplicate one of your pages  ? , And maybe you are wondering how easy you can do that without hiring a WordPress expert .


It is actually easy and can be done fast with plugins at work .


Here , am going to show you the top 3 plugins you can use to duplicate or clone your WordPress pages or posts .


How To Duplicate A Page In WordPress

Let get started with these list ;




This plugin helps you duplicate any of your pages or posts in WordPress easily .

You can also restrict part of the plugin functionality based on user roles .


This plugin is used to duplicate both pages and posts and not pages only .


So , How’re we going to go about it  ?

Read below .


On your dashboard , Go to the plugin section and activate this plugin with named “Duplicate post ” , Install and activate it .


Now that you’ve activated this plugin , Navigate to your ‘All pages’ under “pages” section and hover the page you want to clone , you’ll have two options ( clone &  New draft ) ,  ‘Clone’ makes a cloned version of your page and ‘Draft’ is to ‘clone’ a post and gives you the ability to open it in your post editor to edit ,publish or save as draft ……Therefore , you choose which one suits your need ; whether ‘clone’ or ‘draft’ .

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USING POST DUPLICATOR PLUGIN -How To Duplicate A Page In WordPress

You can also use the post duplicator plugin to duplicate your posts and paves in WordPress very easily and quite straightforward .


This plugin help create a clone of your page or post .


To use this plugin ;


Go to the plugin store , install and launch this “post duplicator plugin ” .


Just like the former plugin listed above ,  navigate to your page and post and then hover over the post /  page you need to duplicate , you’ll see the option to duplicate post / duplicate page , Click on it and …… Whoosh , A cloned Copy of your selected page or post is created .




This plugin is a powerful plugin for quick duplicating of pages and posts while retaining all its content , styling and title .

This is a very good plugin just for this task of duplicating your pages or posts .

It is as easy as the others and has a zero learning curve .


Let me teach you how to use this ;


Install the plugin from your WordPress plugin store and activate it .


After activating this plugin , it is now ready for  use ; Navigate to all your pages , select a page you would like to clone or duplicate and hover over the page or post and click on ‘Clone me ‘ to clone it, and then you’ll be redirected to the clone of your page or post .

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Hurray , It is so much easy right ? , Yea it is…. I guess 😉 .


This article must have proven to be very helpful to you by teaching you how you can duplicate your WordPress pages or page , Your Friend needs this …..Share to them ! Thanks for reading How To Duplicate A Page In WordPress

In my my next post, I will look into How to duplicate a page in wordpress without using plugin.


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