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How To Delete WordPress Theme And Reintsall

How To Delete A Wordpress Blog


There is no other major reason for removing and  reinstalling your WordPress themes than because of installing an update of your theme( Simply means updating your theme ) . How To Delete WordPress Theme And Reintsall is our topic for today


However , if your purpose is not that and you just want to remove or reinstall a theme …… Quite easy , Just visit your WordPress dashboard and access Dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes  , From here…. you’ll get all option to delete , install and manage your themes .


How To Delete WordPress Theme And Reintsall

Today I am walking you through how to remove and reinstall your theme eve n if not for updating purpose .


Suit yourself for the short journey 😉 .


Now . When updating your theme , you have to take  3 precaution I listed below .


  1. Test the theme .


Test the latest version of the theme for   bugs , plugin functionality and capability and check to know if all is working fine and smoothly before uploading and applying theme to your site .


  1. Scan the Changelog .


Locate the README.txt file in your latest theme package and read the Changelog in it as this file contains  an overview of features, bug correction , improvements , upcoming updates e.t.c , In case there are no significant changes you need in the latest update , you can just ignore the  theme updating process .


  1. Provide back up .


In case of any error or crashes  , you need a backup so that you can easily restore .


You can provide backup by either manually or  use of  plugin( Duplicator , BackUpWordpress ) , whichever way you use ……. just make sure you backup your theme .

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With all that done , We can now proceed to removing your theme and reinstalling it .


There are two ways to do this ; either by automatic update or manual update  .


OK . The automatic update first .


Automatic updates



When theme updates are released  , you’ll get available updates from your WordPress dashboard .


To perform upgrade is quite simple . On your WordPress dashboard , Access the ‘ Appearance >> Themes ‘ , select the current theme and click on Update Now button to finish it . Done , Very easy . Go try that out .


And secondly we have ;


Manual reinstallation of theme .



To do this can be a little bit difficult compared to the first method but this method is always best to go with .


Download the latest version of the theme you want to update or you just grab the latest version at the online theme market you used to buy the theme(Elegant themes, athemes , Theme forest e.t.c ) .


After you’ve done this , On your WordPress dashboard , Navigate to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes  , Select ” Add new ” and click on the Upload Theme to upload the new version of the update .


Please , Do not update the theme with a duplicate name (a name which already exists) because it will generate an error message which says

it will fail and you will get an error message .

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The journey ended ; Nice time with you reading and enjoying this article together , I hope you share this to your friends   and on your social medias 😊 .

Thanks for reading How To Delete WordPress Theme And Reintsall

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Have a nice day and stay out of trouble .

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