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How To Create Backlinks Manually

How To Create Backlinks Manually

How To Create Backlinks manually is my topic for today. As we all know having backlinks from authority site in our niche is one of the 200 Ranking factors that for a Post to rank.

The truth of the matter is most people don’t know How to create backlinks for Bloggers and still can’t find the right information. Here in this article You will learn the following:

  • What is backlinks in seo
  • How to build backlinks for new website
  • How To Build Backlinks manually
  • Meaning of backlinks and How to create backlinks manually
  • What is a backlink strategy
  • Why are backlinks important in SEO?

Before i go on with this article, there are things you should know, for you not to get confuse.


What is Backlinks in Seo

The definition of back links will vary from one blogger/webmaster to another but with same concept. I will try to give you what back links means in a way that a layman can understand.

An Incoming link from another site to yours

The popular belief is that the more back links you have the more popular your site, which is true.

A page with a lot of back links tend to rank higher that a page with little/no back links.


List of Terms Use In Backlinks Building And Meaning

  • No Follow Link: When you have a No-follow back links from a site. That means the site is not passing link juice and they do not give to the ranking of a page. And they are mostly use when linking to an unreliable site.
  • Link Juice: Whenever another website is linking to your site, it passes link juice. This help in the ranking of articles.
  • Do-Follow Backlinks: Normally by default all the back links leading to a site are do-follow by default but can be change by the person giving the backlink. They help in ranking a page faster.
  • Linking Root Domain: Number of backlinks linking to your site from a runiue domain
  • Internal Link
  • Anchor Text


How To Create Backlinks Manually

Here I will give you different strategy use in creating of backlinks manually.

  • The Broken-Link Building Method
  • Backlinks Through Infographics
  • Guest Posting
  • Promote Your Content
  • Write Testimonials
  • Contact others in Your Niche
  • Donate
  • Give Out Freebies
  • Get Interviewed
  • Write well Researched Post
  • Create e-books
  • Create Apps
  • Blog Commenting
  • Posting On Bookmarking Site
  • Pr Backlinks

The Broken-Links Building Method

This method involves contacting the site owner to report a broken link and offer them to use your own post to replace it. why? Because you are doing the webmaster a favor for reporting a broken which might affect the ranking of the site on SERP. The chances of gaining backlinks through this method is high but not for lazy bloggers like me.


Backlinks Through Infographics

This is another method on How To Create Backlinks manually. Graphics is becoming one of the world most popular method of getting traffic to website and gaining good back links.

They are shared by most people and you get more site visitors through this method.


Contact others in Your Niche

Can also be known as Link exchange, here you can visit a Facebook group, write a Post that you are looking for site to exchange link with

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Guest Post

Guest Posting is another back links building strategy(how to create back links manually) that is recommended and still relevant.

By publishing on other site , you are bringing your content to another audience that are different from yours. It is not about the back links alone, you will also get visitors and increase your site reputation.



Promote Your Content

Promoting your content is one of the fastest way to increase a wider audience and this help in gaining of backlinks.

Publishing a post is not all you have to do as a blogger especially if your blog is new, before you start getting traffic from search engine you need to promote your blog pot using various platform to get people informed and get traffic.

I could remember back then when I created my first blog, the first real traffic I had was 2,000 Visitors per day and they are all from Facebook.


Write Testimonials

This is another method of gaining back links. How can i gain backlinks through Testimonial? Backlinks through testimonial are gain when you give testimony on a product and the product owner put your site URL as a reference.

It is easy and cheap to get.



Donating is one of the best way to get back links. Here you will have to spend some money. This operate on you donating to website and in the process of them showing appreciation they can give a reference to your site.

Through that you get a free back links without stress.


Give Out Freebies

Freebies giving out is of the best method of How to create Backlinks Manually. Freebies can be inform of Pdf, podcast and other digital product that are meant to be premium but giving out for free.

Creating a freebies is not a hard thing all you need is a good research skills and you can as well Hire a Freelancer to do that for you.

So How am I to create backlinks using Freebies?

In the Pdf, you place you place links of articles on your site.


Get Interviewed

Getting interview by popular/rising news platform is one of many ways to get free backlinks . When you are interview by this platform they might place your site URL.

And this might give you traffic and increase your site authority.


Write well Researched Post

When you write well research post, bloggers in your niche will always give your site backlinks, which is the main source of the information.

Popular site like shoutmeloud do get tones of back links everyday. Do you know why? Because all post on the site are worthy of giving backlink to.

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Nobody will give backlinks to a site that with no relevant articles, when your post are genuine and authentic others in your Niche will give you backlinks.


Create E-books

Creation of backlinks is one of the best way of creating backlinks. when it comes to creating backlinks you have to look at what people are finding hard to solve, look for the solution

Type using microsoft and convert to pdf  then place your URL at the footer.


Create an App

As we all know apps are what we can’t do without and they are use in most of our day to day activities. this can be leverage on.

You can create an app, upload it on playstore then place your blog URL in the About us Page. This method is easy and not easy for who have no programming skills.


Blog Commenting

When we say blog commenting. It simply means having your site link on other blogs by commenting and it is one of the common method for gaining Do-follow backlinks.

In most blogs you visit, after scrolling down you will see the comment section where you’re allowed to share your thoughts and complaint.

Do you know that any link you post there we be tagged as backlinks by Google?


What To Avoid When Building Backlinks Through Commenting?

Building backlinks through commenting is good but do you know we have Do’s and Don’t attach to it? Yes I a had my own share of the cake when i use this method and it was a bad experience

  • Don’t comment on penalized site
  • Only comment on site related to your Niche
  • Don’t just spam the commenting section without adding any value


Posting On Bookmarking Site

Bookmarking site are online services where users allow to add and edit bookmarks of web document. It is one of the ways to create backlinks manually and get traffic. Here I will show List of Bookmarking Site you can build backlinks with.

List of Bookmarkig Site you can Build Backlinks With

TieLabs HomePage

Backlinks From PR Site

Backlinks from high pr sites is another way to get juicy backlinks without spending money to buy backlinks from seoclerk.

Here i will share with you list of high pr backlinks to rank your website or blog and create free backlinks using high pr backlinks and rank your blog on Google first page.

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All you have to do is create a user profile on the site i will list below and place your site URL there.

  • Adobe
  • WordPress
  • Sony
  • Xerox
  • storify
  • Tumblr
  • Live journal
  • Weebly
  • Tripod
  • Jimbo
  • Onsugar
  • SubHub
  • Hubpages
  • Zoom Groups
  • eSnips
  • Digg
  • Amplify
  • SocialADR

Reasons Why You Need To Build Backlinks

Are Backlinks Still Important?


What Is the Use of backlinks?

How To Create Backlinks manually is not just for show off, there is reason and benefits attach to backlinks building.

The first reason why you should build backlinks is to gain authority, the more good backlinks you have from authority blog in your niche the more your authority increase and ranking,

The second reason why you need to build backlinks is to get traffic, imagine if site like TechCrunch give a backlink, that will be a huge source of traffic.

List of Backlinks Checker Tools Free/Paid

Backlinks checker are tools that allow you as a site owner to check links pointing to your site, their quality and Types(Do-follow/No-follow)

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Semrush
  3. SmallseoTools(Site)
  4. SeoreviewTools(Site)
  5. Linkminer
  6. TheHolth
  7. MonitorBacklinks
  8. Bing Webmaster Tools
  9. Google Webmaster Tools
  10. Serpstat
  11. Majestic Seo
  12. Google Alerts
  13. BuzzSumo
  14. CongnitiveWeb
  15. Moz
  16. OpenLinkProfiler
  17. Linkody

How To Check Backlinks Using Moz Tools

You don’t just create backlinks without monitoring them, Creating backlinks and  monitoring them are two differrent things.

So here You will read How to check backlinks using Moz Tools.

Step 1: Navigate To Link Explorer

Link explorer is the tool used in researching the backlink profile of a site. It will show you the quality of backlinks pointing to your site.


Step 2: Enter Your Sit/competitor URL

Here you are to input your site URL or that of your competitor.


Step 3: Navigate To the ” Inbound Links” Tab

This tab will show you all the links pointing to your site and that of the competitor and this way you can get to know, how well your site is performing.

After that you can decide to do whatever you want with the results: Export and sort by page authority.


How To Check Backlinks Using Ahrefs

Ahrefs keyword Research tools can be use to check backlinks and this is possible by making use of the site explorer. All you have to do is input the site URL into the box and click on search.

This way you can view the organic keywords, social data and PPC of your competitor.


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How To Create Backlinks manually is not a rocket science and it not what you should do in a rush.  One thing you should know is that Building back links and keeping back links are two different things.

Link building might be slow and boring but it is what you can’t do without as a blogger that is ready to work. Once you are consistent with it, it will become part of you and what you can’t do without.

Thanks for reading How To Create Backlinks Manually

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