Happy Wheels Videos

Happy Wheels Videos You Should Watch

Happy Wheels  is another Blog Post for today. It is a Game created by a man known as Jim Bonacci. It is a goal that is centered on reaching a goal with the help of different vehicles.

It is an amazing game with great sound effects and graphics created by professionals.

Since the Platform was created in the year 2010, it has become one of the world most popular games because of it attractive players.

Players find it difficult to quit the game once they start. that shows how interesting it is.

It has a Combination of blood, race, excitement and courage.

All you have to do is select your racer and try not to crash into walls untill the games end.

The Video of Happy Wheels can easily be found on the Net.


Happy Wheels Videos


Dumb way to DIE


Impossible Level


The Floor Is Lava


Above are videos of Happy Wheels which are available easily on Various Youtube Gaming Channel. Few of them are The Floor is Lava and Impossible Level.


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