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Glo Affiliate Program – Money Making Made Easy

Are you looking for legit ways to make money online? Do you about Glo affiliate program? Do you know you can make money with Glo affiliate program? Glo affiliate marketing program is an amazing way to to make alot of additional income.

With this wonderful initiative, alot of people have been empowered to make stable and sustainable income. Think of the Glo affiliate program has an added advantage, so beneficial and yet requires little effort.

By putting the right requirements in place, you can earn money fast with Glo affiliate program. Let’s dive into the details on how to make the best out of the Glo affiliate in Nigeria. In this article you will get answers to the following questions;


  • Affiliate marketing?
  • What is being a mobile money agent is all about?
  • The requirements for joining the Glo affiliate program?
  • How to Signup for the Glo referral program and Make Money in Nigeria?
  • What are the benefits of joining the Glo affiliate program?
  • Conclusion and verdict about the Glo affiliate program


What are waiting for? Ready to make some money agent the Glo affiliate program? Then read the following sections carefully. Reach out to me in the comments box if you get stuck anywhere.

What is an affiliate marketing?

According to Wikipedia;


Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing which a business rewards someone for the product sold or customer brought by the individual’s marketing effort.

What that definition is trying to say is, when you help a company to sell one or more of their products, they pay you a “fixed discount” from the profit made on the product. This fixed discount is a fixed percentage of the profit that you are entitled to. The fixed discount percentage is usually agreed open on registration for the Affiliate program.

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What is a mobile money agent is all about?

Being a mobile money agent simply entails making your shop or business place a solution point for Glo customers.

As a registered mobile money operator, you are required to offer mobile money services, which entail registration, cash in, cash out, airtime vending and bill payments. These services are short and easy to carry out and will only get easier as you gain more experience.

Requirements for joining the Glo affiliate program

The requirements for joining the Glo affiliate program is another amazing reason to jump on this opportunity because they are not difficult to reach. To begin making cool cash with the Glo affiliate program, all you need is;


1) An active Glo sim


2) A mobile phone



With just those two requirements, you are all set and eligible to start Earning big from this initiative.



How to Sign up for the Glo Affiliate Program and Make Money in Nigeria?

The registration process to become part of the Glo affiliate program is very easy and short. In a few simple steps, you should be all set up to take advantage of this latest money making opportunity in Nigeria.

so let’s begin your registration process. To access the sign up page, please click here. When that link takes you to the sign up page, you should be presented with a form that requires you to fill in the following details;

    • Your Surname
    •  First Name
    •  Glo Phone number
    •  Local Government of origin
    • The state you reside in
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Note : Do not leave any field blank, you have to fill in every field to complete your registration.


After you are done with the form, click submit. You should receive a confirmation message from Glo that your registered as been acknowledged and completed.



Benefits of joining the Glo affiliate program and being a mobile money agent

You may ask yourself, What do you stand to gain by being part of the Glo affiliate system? What are the benefits of becoming a mobile money agent? Give me the pleasure of answering those questions. As a mobile money agent you will receive the following benefits;

1) Increased customer traffic flow into your shop. Customers won’t just be coming to buy your goods but also to perform Glo mobile money transactions.


2) Increase in sales. being a mobile money agent can boost sales because people who come for mobile money services many also end up buying your goods.


3) As am agent you earn extra income from commissions you get for mobile money transactions.


4) You can also earn from global recognized brand association benefits.


For more information and detailed explanation of term and benefits, you can visit the Official Glo Nigeria Website.



Conclusion : Final verdict on the Glo affiliate program

The Glo Affiliate program is an amazing choice for making cool legit cash. This article was drafted to act as a complete guide for you to make money with the Glo network, especially in this festive season. I encourage you to jump on this opportunity and make the best out of it.

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Do you have any question about a term you don’t understand or yo need more information? Please do well to contact us by dropping a comment.


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