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Cybersecurity! The world of technology is not the same with the one of the past, the information technology (IT) industry has evolved greatly extensively, and it has evolved. Virus, Malware, Phishing are being created everyday by hackers and crackers. As I said in one of my articles that “the problem of internet security started when computers can be connected together” What will the world be like if computers/smartphones are not connected together?




Over the past ten years, great concern has being expressed about the security of our computer and the ICT world entirely.


 In this article, I will try as much to give my plain view about:


1.    What is cybersecurity?


2.    What are Impacts?


3.    What are vulnerabilities?


4.    What are threats?


5.    How to protect our privacy online and others


Stay with me and you will enjoy this.

What is Cyber-security?


Cybersecurity in simple words simply means protecting the Cyber world.  Cybersecurity is the process of protecting our information/data, software and IT world from cyber-attack. Cyber-security helps to prevent unauthorized users from accessing that classified data of us, your online privacy: with the aid of a good cyber-security practice you can prevent theft, disruptions and the act of using your online identity for unlawful acts.


Cybersecurity is not about protecting your data alone, it encompasses form protecting software, computers, computer networks, related hardware and other peripheral of the cyber world.


What are Threats?


Threats are the individual/ group of people that want to carry out a cyber-attack. Infidel/group of people that carry out cyber-attack falls into different categories. Criminals with the intent of monetary gains, spies with the intent of stealing information of a country,nation-state warrior who


Develop capabilities and undertake cyber-attacks in support of a country cause; hacktivists and terrorist that engage in cyber-attack as a form of warfare.


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What are impacts?


A successful cyber-attack can compromise the integrity of a data, the very first time my computer got infected with a virus, my mind wasn’t at rest, thinking is someone not monitoring me with my webcam, is someone not recording the keystrokes of my computer, are my social media accounts safe, are my privacy protected, those are the questions I keep on asking myself. .


What are vulnerabilities?


Since the cyber world is complex, we have loopholes, hackers and crackers are looking ways to explore them. The only way to way to prevent your computer 100% is not to connect to the internet and other means of communication (Bluetooth, RF, Wi-Fi and others). Vulnerability can be from that software you downloaded from the web without scanning, from that Flash drive you collected from a friend or from that public Wi-Fi in your school.


How to protect our Online Activities


According to one of my saying, “To every Weapon created there will always be a counter-measure”. I said earlier on,” the only way to keep your computer 100% safe is not to connect to the Internet” is that possible in this century, I as an individual most of my daily activities are carried out on the Net: from reading News, chatting with friends, families and making research which I know am not the only that do that.


Security expert has look for ways to make sure we are safe online, ways to make sure our computers/smartphones are protected.


1.       Don’t click on link sent to your email


2.       Use Vpn to encrypt ur messages


3.       Use up-to-date Antivirus


4.       Use up-to-date Anti-Malware


5.       Use a certified Browser


6.       Use a Secretive search engine like DUckDuckgo


7.       Use your instinct


8.       Make use of Two way Authentication


9.       Don’t make use of one password for different Accounts
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10.   Clear your browsing History  when you visit a cyber-café/ make use of someone else computer


11.   Make use of instructions like the ones above.


Steps to take if Your Computer Get Hacked


1.       Ask Yourself why: Knowing the reason, you will know how to prevent future occurrence


2.       Isolate Your Computer: Don’t send Messages,files,music  etc. to other computer


3.       Reset Your Password


4.       Update Your Anti-virus, Anti-Malware


5.       Scan Your computer


6.       Check For Back doors




Cyber-attack in History


The present is the aggregate of the past they said, cyber-attack is not a thing of 5/10 years ago, it has being from the time internet came into limelight. What makes Cyber-attack, should I just use hacking rampant now is easy access to resources online”You can just Google search the world How to Hack and you will see the huge result” . I knew of the world hacking at the age of 10, then as a kid with Tecno T605.


Back to our discussion: the first worm was created by Robert Morris
Cyber-attack are carried out by Government on another Government e.g. Shadow Network: attacks on India by china. By Hacktivist and by Individual.


1.       Moonlight Maze


2.       Shadow Network


3.       GhostNet


4.       Operation Aurora


5.       Operation Socialist


6.       Sony Pictures Entertainment hack


7.       2011 PlayStation Network outages


8.       Vestige


9.       LivingSocial


10.   Adobe


11.   RockYou


12.   Yahoo


13.   2016 Indian data breach


14.   Home Depot


15.   Target
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16.   MasterCard


The events listed above are related to Stolen Credit card and financial data, cyber-attack carried out by Government and Companies

Most have Cyber-security Tools


In my previous article i made mention of 5 most have cyber-security tools. I will briefly give you list of most have cyber-security tools.


1.       Nmap


2.       OpenVAS


3.       OSSEC


4.       Security Onion


5.       OpenSSH


6.       Wireshack


7.       Kali Linux


8.       Truecrypt


9.       Moloch


10.   Bro IDS


11.   Snort


12.   GRR- Google Rapid Response


13.   IPCop


14.   Okta


15.   Proofpoint


16.   Zscalar


17.   CipherCloud


18.   DocTrackr


19.   Centrify


20.   Vaultive


21.   SilverSky


22.   Nikto


23.   Walking the talk


24.   Enum


25.   PsTools

26.  zscaler


 The listed cybersecurity tools above are free and paid.




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