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Domainking Affiliate: Making Money from Webhosting Affiliate

Domainking is webhosting service Provider in Nigeria and shouldn’t be new to hearing of Bloggers and webmasters.

But here in this article all i will be looking into Domainking Affiliate Program and Affiliate Program  that Pay.

Here in this article i will take you through step by step process on How to Sigh up for web Hosting Affiliate program which DomainKing is one of them  and How to earn Money.

Without wasting Much of our Time,  below are the following you will be learning in this article.

What is Domainking Affiliate Program all about

As I said earlier domainking is a web Hosting provider in Nigeria and with this affiliate program is all about you selling their Affiliate marketing products on their behave and you get your own commission after each complete transaction.


How to make Money from Domainking Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is another method of making money in Nigeria by referring people. so when your Blog visitors, clients and other webmaster make use your affiliate link for purchase of Hosting space.

Your affiliate account will be credited


How to join Domainking Affiliate Program

For you to become a Domainking Affiliate you have to register and give various details that will collected during registration.

  1. Open your browser( Create account if you not yet registered)
  2. Log into Client panel on Domainking website
  3. At the right top corner of your Screen you will see a button indicating “affiliate button” all you need to do is click on it then your affiliate page will open
  4. The next step is to click on “Activate Affiliate Account button” for the activation of your affiliate program.
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How to Publicize your Web Hosting Affiliate Program link

I can’t seems to emphasize this enough , that you don’t just create affiliate program and do nothing. You need people to click on your affiliate link.


Publicizing affiliate link is in no Way different from Traditional and Modern means of Advertisement: If it is traditional approach, we are talking of mouth to mouth method while modern method is the use of Search engine optimization and social as I said in my earlier article Hostmaster Affiliate Program.

  • Using Social media
  • Forum and Blogs
  • Mouth to mouth method


Using Social Media

This method is the most easiest, all you have to do is create a well compiled and attractive post telling the members and friends on your list why they need to buy a Host space from Domainking.

You tell them the benefits attach to its and what Domainking is offering that others Host Providers in Nigeria are not providing.

  • How to Run effective Facebook Ads that convert

It is advisable to share to groups that are related to Blogging, Web development and WordPress.

Running Facebook ads is also another method of reaching a targeted audience


Forum and Blogs

Another method is making use of Forums in Nigeria like Nairaland [especially the webmaster section] and Blogs. Making use of blog is easier as you will be leveraging on the power of Search Engine optimization.

  • How to write a well Search Engine Optimize Article

You will write an attractive article telling your audience the benefits of making use of Domainking for their hosting program.

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Mouth-to-Mouth Method

The last on the list is the oldest method of publicity and due to with telling people in your locality that you are a Domainking affiliate so they can make use of your Domainking Affiliate link.


How to Withdraw your Domainking Affiliate Earning

Your payment can be ask for immediately you reach the Domainking payment threshold which is #1,ooo. You can easily do this without waste of time by making use of your affiliate dashboard.

There is a button that you will make use of “Where you will ask for your Commision

Another alternative is to create a support ticket and your order will be look into by the Domainking Team and your account will be credited after your account has been verified.


Is Domainking Affiliate program legit

Yes it is

Domainking Affiliate Terms

By signing up as Domainking Affiliate there are Terms and Conditions you are to follow and failure to do so might result in your Affiliate account been banned or cause delay in payment.

  • Customer referred must complete the transactions within 90 days of clicking on your affiliate link
  • The affiliate link must be clicked on before the customer reach Domainking website
  • Your affiliate account must be active at the time if referral
  • Order cannot be place for customer
  • No commission is available for sell of Domain Name


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