Blog9ja Income Program Review

Blog9ja Income Program Review | Is blog9ja Legit?

Blog9ja Review is what i will be looking into here today. Blog9ja Income Program Review is another online making money online scheme created in the year 2018. But many have being asking Is Blog9ja Legit? 

That i will be answering here and How to register for Blog9ja Registration Process.

I wont be taking much of your Time in this article, as i will be going straight to the point by giving you straight to point and unbiased article.

As i said earlier bog9ja is another Make money online scheme and it can also be refer to as making money online for Stay Home mum.

Some month ago many blogger wrote on NNU Income review and Wakanda Income Review but here i will be writing on Blog9ja Income Review.

During the process of many Registering for this online Income platform , many have being complaining about difficulty in cashing out their Earnings.

So I have taken it upon myself to look for NNU Income Alternative  and it is close to other Online making money scheme.

In this Article you will learn the Following:

  • What is Blog9ja Income all about
  • Is Blog9ja Income is Scam
  • How to Upgrade  Blog9ja Account
  • Can Multiple Account be accepted
  • How Blog9ja Works


What is Blog9ja Income about?

Here i will give you a brief summary on what Blogja Income Program is all about.

Blog9ja Income  is a like an Affiliate Program where users are pay base on tasks being performed. You will be reward by commenting on Post, Reading News and Sharing of Sponsored Post on your Facebook Timeline.

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It is easy Right?

Yeah it is , that is all you have to do to earn money as a Blog9ja Income Affiliate.


Legit or Scam – Blog9ja Income Program Review

That is expected to be asked among potential users and Present users. That won’t be a Problem again as i will be answering you on  Is Whether Blog9ja is a Scam or Not. 

During Chat with a fellow blogger ,. He mad mention of Blog9ja income and the first thing i asked was “Is it Legit or Not”

And he told me Yes. My curiosity didn’t stop there. I made more Research and Blog9ja is a Legit program.


How does Blog9ja Income Program Work?

How does this income Program work is what people ask before registering for any Affiliate Income Program in Nigeria.


Because Most Nigerians don’t Trust the Internet especially since the Saga of MMU program in the year 2017. Lol.

Without wasting Much of your time, Lets look into Common questions.

  • Who are members or Users of Blog9ja

When you register Blog9ja you automatically become a User but you only become a Member when you Upgrade Your account by paying a certain fee into Blog9ja account

  • Can Multiple Account be created?

Creating two account is Impossible especially if you will be making use of one bank account for receiving your earning .

The only option of creating multiple account is making use of different information that is entirely different from the first account you created.

  • How much is Blo9ja Upgrade fee

Nothing is Free on the Internet, If it is Free then you are the Product

That is one of my Favorite Saying, When it comes to making Money on the Internet it is advisable to go for the one that require little investment

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One of the Best Way to making Money Online is by making use of money.


What are the Materials  Needed for Blogja Income Program

It is expected of a farmer to go to Farm with Hoe and Cutlass so does  Person looking for How to make money online from home Need resources.

Internet Connection

This is the First on My List due to the fact that you need Internet Connection in Nigeria to read News, Comment on post and get Affiliate

Your Upgrade Fee

Another factors that can not be over look, Your Blog8ja Upgrade fee is needed to become a full member of the scheme

A Mobile Phone or Pc

Either your Smartphone or Pc can be use to register and also needed to perform the Tasks so you can earn

Your Time

You don’t just create the Account and sit back , the money won’t come. You have to read news , comment on post and get referral to get the Money.

How to Sigh Up for Blog9ja Income Program Review

Having heard or Read about this Money Making Online Program from a Blog or a Friend but don’t know How to Join Blog9ja Income Program.

It is not a Rocket Science once you follow the steps Here;

Step-by-Step Process on how to Register for Blog9ja Income Program

Click on the Blog9ja Registration Page. Follow the Procedures giving and make sure you input the correct details to avoid Problem when asking for Payout.

You will receive a Notification, that you have earned #1,000 because you register under a User(Techbase Team).

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After that you can log Into your Users Account before Upgrading. In the Next Section we will be Looking into How to Upgrade Blog9ja Account.


How to Upgrade Blog9ja Account – Blog9ja Income Program Review

Your account can e upgrade by getting pin from those recommended by those the platform recommend. We are still on Blog9ja Income Program Review . The next question am answering is How to get more Affiliate


How to get More People Affiliate to Sign up using your Referral link

Here we are looking into How to publicise your Affiliate Link just like on our previous article on HostMaster Affiliate

There are two method you can choose base on which work best for you.

  1. Using Social Media
  2. Forums in Nigeria or Blog

Using Social Media

Here you will be posting your referral link in Facebook Groups or Running Facebook Ads to reach targeted audience.

  • How to Run Facebook Ads

Using Blog

Here you will be writing a well Search Engine Optimized Post and you will put your referral link. The main advantages of this is that SEO is free

Here you have Read How to earn on Blog9ja , How to make money on blog9ja and Blog9ja Income Program Review

Thanks for Reading

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