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Blog Types That Make Money The Most

Blog Types That Make Money The Most is our topic for today .Alright , The general rule you’ll get from everybody when choosing a niche is to “Follow your passion” .

That’s good and indeed a very useful advice, but if you really have to make money blogging ……. Am sorry , That advice will misled you and might not .

Wait . Ask yourself the following question ; What if what am passionate about has a small audience , what if my passionate niche can not make money or cannot make money easily.

You’re not just going to be blogging  on a niche because you like it , You need to earn income from the blog because you also invest your money and time in it .

So . Because of this, you need to get a list of top blog types that can earn you your six-figure income .

We have compiled a list of blog types that makes money the most .

After reading this , You can now easily choose a specific type of blog you want to run  , focus on it , get audience and start earning income real quick.


Factors to Consider When Choosing A Blog Niche

Many people want to become a blogger and many are blogging already but in a wrong Niche. Why? You will know about that in this article. You don’t just choose any blogging niche without proper consideration.

So here I will briefly look into  How do You Pick a good niche? That is the first thing you should thick of before choosing any blog Niche.

  • Passion
  • Your Target Audience
  • Trend
  • relevance
  • What makes you Happy


Before you choose a blog Niche in 2019, you should choose a niche that you are passionate about.

Do I Love Programming?

Do I Love Cooking?

Do I Love Teaching?

You should ask yourself thought-provoking questions, that will make you think about things you like doing without anybody telling you to.

When you write about what you are passionate, you will always have the vibes to write anytime, anywhere. When you write about what you are passionate about makes you write with less effort.

Target Audience

Before you create that your blog, you should think of the audience you want to target and where they can be located. You don’t write about what Nigerians read when you are targeting USA Audience.

Let’s take for an example, Targeting Nigerian audience as a Health Blog is not a good idea, Why? Because Nigerians don’t visit Health center till they are sick.



Trend is another factors that should be consider before creating your blog. Studying the trend is good especially if you are creating a Niche Blog.

You can know What people are searching for in a Geographical area and the Volume using Google Trend and other Keyword Research tool.


What Makes You Happy

We all know How Happy we use to be back then when Daddy bought gift for us. This is related to choosing a blogging niche as well.

You don’t choose a blogging niche because of friends, you should choose base on how you feel.

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How Long Does It Take To Earn Money Blogging

In my earlier post, i look into How to Make Money With WordPress in 24 Hours and latest money-making opportunities in Nigeria.

How long does it take to earn money blogging is another question that many fail to ask before venturing into blogging.

Making money from blogging is not a  get rich quick scheme and need patience.

You might have seen big don in the field of blogging posting How they make millions online within a week. It is possible for a pro.

A Newbie in the field can’t wake up, create a blog and start making millions.

Back to the main question: How long does it take to earn money from blogging?

How fast you make money from blogging depends on the effort you put into your blog.

List  Of Blog Types That Make Money The Most

Here I will Provide You with List of Blog That Make Money:

  1. Health and Fitness Blog
  2. Personal Finance Blog
  3. Food and Nutrition Blog
  4. News Blog
  5. Outdoors Blog
  6. Teaching Blog
  7. Parenting Blog
  8. Pregnancy Blog
  9. Photography Blog
  10. Crafts Blog
  11. Movies/music
  12. Retirement Blog
  13. Homes Blog
  14. Pets Blog
  15. Alternative Care
  16. Medical Blog
  17. Travel Blog
  18. Save Money Blog
  19. Organizing
  20. Blogging
  21. Sports Blog

And the type of blogs that make real quick income  are ;


1.The making money blog – Blog Types That Make Money The Most

This type of blog get massive traffic fast and it is very easy to make money with this type of blog.


Billions of searches on Google about making money are recorded everyday and keeps increasing daily as people want to learn real quick ways to make money online .

Some people want to start making money online and they need articles to get them on track , A making money guide blog is a market that can never run out of audience .


Now . what are we saying ? , Increase traffic on your blog also means a high possibility on increased earning whatever the type of blog monetization method you use .


Running this kind of blog if you are not experienced in money-making or haven’t made tons of money online doing various online business is very difficult and tasking as just seem to write what you research from other synonymous blogs   .


There are many making money blog that are earning real passive income . Among them, we have ——-


(a) Darren Rowse – earns $40,000+/month on


(b) Pat Flynn – earns $200,000+ from his money-making blog :


(c) Yaro stack — makes $40,000+/month blogging on his blog named entrepreneur journey (Money making blog).


2.Health and fitness blog – Blog Types That Make Money The Most

This is a very famous and highly profitable blog type that is making entrepreneurs thousands of dollars daily.

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This type of niche are commonly targeted by affiliate marketers as it have an enormous audience and it’s always in high demand.

This niche requires your full passion and time to be invested in helping people with their health/fitness searches and thereby providing great value to them in other to make money .


This type of blog is best monetized with affiliate offers as audience in the health and fitness niche are always ready to buy real products to solve their problems .

For Example, Overweight being a big issue in this century , many people who are obese are always on the search of anything that can make them fit and lose fat and they are willing to buy any product that can help them .  As a potential blogger, You write detailed articles that can help them lose weight real quick and you place an affiliate offer of a product they need to buy to become fit fast and to lose a lot of fat . They buys it ……. You earn income 😉 .


3.Personal finance blog – Blog Types That Make Money The Most

There are a lot of people out there seeking for blog articles that can show them how to manage their funds  , save their fund and spend less, plan their expenses, get out of debt , earn much money , manage your standard of living and lot more.  You can get that audience (By So or whichever way you want ) and monetize it and in turn , You earn huge income  😉  .

This blog type is similar to the make money blog  but is slightly different as the personal finance blog type focus more about helping with  each finance, money and debt management .

As i said earlier , this niche has a large audience and it always in demand anytime and any day .

This niche is good and get a lot profitable as there is low competition but you need to be known a lot about what you write before you publish them for your readers .

Let me show you some bloggers running this kind of niche and what they are able to make ;


(a) Rosemarie Groner — Makes $86,000+/month from Buoy budgeter .


(b) Jeff Rose — As we all know him on YouTube for offering lifesaving financial advice , he has a blog named “Good Financial Cents” , He makes $138,000+/month .


(c) Michelle Schroedor-Gardener — They are the proud owner of “Making Sense of Cents . They make $200,000+ /month from their blog (The biggest income in the 3 list) .


4.Food and nutrition blog – Blog Types That Make Money The Most

Yummy Yummy blog ! , Oh delicious 😋 .

Running this type of blog successfully is easy and simple as ABC  if you’re  either an home mom or housewife  , I said that because i knew that home moms and housewives cooks the most and they know much about cooking , food and nutrition , If they are to manage a food and nutrition blog …….. They are gonna build a successful blog.

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Bloggers in this niche writes on posts like recipes, food nutritional values, origin of specific food , Cooking tutorials , Kitchen best practices and lot more .


There are many ways for monetizing this type of blog. Example are (a) Affiliate marketing (b) CPA marketing (c) Ad networks (AdSense , , propellerAds e.t.c) and lot more .


Example of a successful Blog in this food and nutrition niche is ;


Show me the Yummy — This food blog is owned and managed by Trevor and Jennifer Debth and it makes a monthly revenue of $46,000+

5.News blog – Blog Types That Make Money The Most

News blog are the type of blog with massive audience as people wants know the latest news and information flying around the world.

Although, this type of blog can be managed easily by anybody but truth be told …….. This type of blog is very competitive as there are many news blog on the internet. In order to stand out, you need to focus well on your niche and get your readers feed often with latest news articles.

The most common way for earning income from this type of blog is through ad network and sometimes affiliate offers. If you’re able to build trust among your readers, Trust me ……. You’ll make huge revenue from your news blog.

Examples of popular news blogs are:

(a)Huffington Post


(b) Engadget


(c) TechCrunch


(d) Business Insider


(e) Mashable


(f) Gizmodo


(g) BuzzFeed


6.Outdoors Blog – Blog Types That Make Money The Most

This type of blog are blogs that focus on field activities. Under it we have sub niche like: Big Game, Trees, Deserts, Survival skills, conversation, Extreme sport, Hikings , Life skills and Fishing.

The method of monetization for Outdoor Blogs is through affiliate marketing and other source of revenue like sponsored post and Google ads.


Alright!  . Now you have the list of the top blog type that can really make that thousand dollar you want! …… The advice I have for you is to choose your niche well, focus on it and only publish article about it or relating it on your blog and offer unique articles only that add values to your user , With time ….. You’ll start earning real big income on your blog.


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In my next article I will be looking List of Blogs Niche and There Sub-Niche.

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