Best Time To Post On Social Media

Best Time To Post On Social Media

What is the Best Time To Post On Social Media? WEverybody is getting attracted towards the concept of entrepreneurship, business and corporate people are attracting people from every region. And what is a better medium for getting customers than marketing your brand online.

For this they need various social media business profiles and they need to promote their products and services. Often, business owners forget that the time at which they post on social media also plays an important role.

Potential of social media can be recognized from the fact that  MR. MUKESH AMBANI (India’s richest man) and even Bill Gates has admitted that social media is going to take over and no business can succeed without having digital presence in current scenario.

It’s a proven fact that every business field is different and one and same strategy doesn’t work for all. It is because every business has different business model and way of operation, business environment in which they operate is also different.

Hence it is very important that a perfect strategy should be developed and implemented which suits the need of that particular business.


Key points to be considered for deciding the right time


Analyzing various posts – Best Time To Post On Social Media

Generally business owners think too much about the posting time. They forget that simply observing various existing posts can give a idea about how the targeted audience reacts to various types of posts and various times at which they are posted.

This can help build them strategy for more productive posts in the future.

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Big social media giants like Facebook and Instagram help business owners to give some important insights for their posts, like no. of people reached, no. of reactions etc.


Know your product – Best Time To Post On Social Media

Someone wants to promote their product, others want to make people their services buy and some just want to promote their online brand. For different purposes strategies applied should be in accordance to the plan.

In cases of products with various prices, strategies applied vary.  For example,  Items with a high ticket price are shown less to the consumer or are shown after properly educating the consumer about the benefits, whereas products with low ticket prize or products which are of daily used, are advertized more rigorously as the consumer buys these kinds of products without thinking very seriously.


Demographics of targeted audience

As mentioned earlier, different businesses have different needs, this rule also applies with its customers as well. Each and every business in this world, target specific type of customers, these customers are the group of those people who have some kind of similar trait in common and can be easily convinced to the company’s product.

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Businesses divide their customer base on various basis, which can be gender, wealth, family members, income, marital status etc. By targeting the audience, a business refines those potential customers for themselves,  who may have the capacity and need to buy their products.

After focusing on the traits of these people, any business can come to know some crucial things like the time when they are free, time when they are active on social media, recent trends in their environment etc. These factors can help businesses to know the exact correct time for posting on social media so that effectiveness of the post can be improved.

Competitors – Best Time To Post On Social Media

Many businesses have issues related to their small budget and lack of funding problem, they state that they cannot spend so much of money on research and development just to know correct time of social media posting.

There is very simple answer to that, observe the competition. Everyone just treats their big competitors with big funding, just as a threat to their small company or startup. They forget the other side which is there is so much to learn from these competitors, and one of which can be just observing there digital marketing strategies. These strategies will work for sure as big companies apply these methods only after deep research and spending heavy money on these researches.


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Best Time To Post On Social Media

Best Time to post on Social media is what most people leveraging on social media as a tool for marketing their business can’t determine.

But base on experience and research, many organization and big site has come up with Best time to post on Social media In Nigeria , Best time to post on Instagram 2019 and Best time to post on Facebook for likes.

As we Know, we have different Social Media Platform e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube and Twitter.

The time gap to post on each is base on the percentage of those making use of it..


Best Time To Post On Facebook

If you are considering posting on Facebook there are things you consider: Your Audience, and are you posting in Facebook groups. page or your Timeline.

To sum things up. The Best to post on Facebook is doing working hours.

And the Best Time to post on Social Media is doing working Hours.

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