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Best Smartphone Accessories that are Relevant to Every User


Needless to say, the growth in smartphone sales has eventually amplified the demand for relevant mobile accessories. If survey reports are to be believed, a majority of adults in the United Kingdom are continually relying on necessary, amazing, and important smartphone accessories for simplifying daily proceedings. In the subsequent sections, we shall enlist some of the best accessories which can unearth the true potential of a smartphone besides offering extended functionalities to the user.


1. The Fitbit

For someone who is a fitness enthusiast, nothing feels more appropriate that owning a Fitbit. Although the company has already sold close to 9.5 million pieces, the sale figures aren’t looking to slow down, anytime soon. Here is an activity monitor that clings onto the wrist of the user while staying in sync with the concerned smartphone. The best thing about this tracker like device is that it can be used to monitor performances, statistics, and even progress by keeping a keen eye on the vitals, especially the heart rate. Although multiple Fitbit variants are retailing at present, the newest addition to the family i.e. Fitbit Blaze comes with a color LCD panel flaunting touch capabilities and a host of other innovations.


2. The Wristlet Wallet

Here is the alluring Rebecca Mink off Wristlet Wallet which can be used both as a phone case and even a purse for simplifying storage issues for the ladies. This is probably one of the most underrated mobile accessories which come with a specific wrist attachment for avoiding carrying hassles.


3. The VR Headset

While the future and longevity of Virtual Reality has been talked about quite extensively, there are certain devices which are capable of offering the best viewing experience to an individual regardless of the material. In this regard, it is advisable to consider purchasing the Speck Pocket VR which was launched during the recently concluded CES. This ultra-thin piece of innovation is sleek and made up of plastic which is extremely durable. What’s important to note is that the Pocket VR is also pretty compact.

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4. The Holistic Wireless Companion

A majority of us prefer going wireless in regards to acoustic and physical requirements. However, there are many gadgets in the market which are priced exorbitantly and hardly offer additional flexibilities. This is where BragiThe Dash comes into the play by offering extended set of capabilities to the user, including the likes of wireless earphones, standalone sound bar, and even a fitness tracker that is capable of monitoring vitals. The best part about using this gadget is the smartphone compatibility in play.


5. The ‘Ramen’ Bowl

Did we ever imagine that there will be a gadget that would allow us to place food in a bowl, dock up the smartphone, and enjoy the videos without having to worry about anything else? The Ramen bowl fulfills the task almost perfectly despite not being a high-tech electronic device. The food options which can fit into the bowl are almost innumerable.


6. A Fun Selfie Stick

Here is an accessory that’s extremely relevant in the era of social media dominance. However, unlike other selfie sticks in the market, the Kitvision Wired Pocket Selfie Stick is a device that’s compact, light, and sleek which eventually allows the individual to click some great selfies by getting the best possible angle to work with. What’s good about this gadget is that it’s extendable in nature.


7. The Party Speaker

For those who are looking for mobile accessories that can ignite a mundane party, there is no reason to consider any but the JBL Pulse 2. Here is a Bluetooth empowered speaker that offers a well-rounded acoustic experience followed by a highly interactive show of flashy lighting. Therefore, for someone who is looking to amplify the acoustic attributes of a smartphone, the Pulse 2 from JBL is the gadget to opt for.

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8. The Fan for Every Occasion

The best way to end any discussion about smartphone accessories is to talk about the utilitarian smartphone fan that’s a great fit, provided the weather is unpredictable and the user if stuck in a stifled environment. Fans like these can be plugged in directly via the charger point and derive power from the smartphone battery. While the technology might be a bit underwhelming, nothing feels better than the instant cool down on offer.

While these are some of the more innovative accessories in place, the prerequisite is to have a decent refurbished Samsung smartphone in the first place. However, for someone who is first trying to make a device upgrade before using any of these accessories, purchasing a used smartphone from the likes of Togofogo can just be the most feasible option.


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