Best Seo Monitoring Tools


Getting your Website to rank on Google front page is all you want and it is the most basic reason for Seo .


But , Due to frequent changes in the Google ranking algorithm which Helps some website rank more better and in turn de-rank another .


At this pace ,  It be better for you to take Seo more serious and get Seo monitoring tools to monitor your Seo , to get real time analysis of your site and manage your Site ability to appear on Google front page .


Best Seo Monitoring Tools

  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Moz Pro Tools
  • Hubspot Website Grader

There are many random tools for this but I have specially handpicked the best Seo monitoring tools for you 😀 .


Here We go ;


1.Google’s Webmaster Tools .


You want to rank on Google’s front page and they have a tool to help you with your website analysis , you should probably get it . (It is Free !) .


This online tool can help with web analysis , search traffic analysis , sitemap  management and lot more .


If you are having poor Seo performance on your website , you should use this Google tool as it helps you to see more about Google’s point of view about your website  and this feedback will help you improve your Seo performances more and also correct your Seo mistakes .


Google’s Webmaster Tool also have an exiting feature called page speed insight .

Page speed insights help calculate your site speed on various devices which may affect your website Seo performance if it is slow.


Reportedly , Google developer says that It shows how your website follows best  performance practices and rate it on a score of 1-100. Scores of  0-59 are said to be low , 60 – 79 is a medium score , 80 – 100 is Good and that means the website speed on various devices  are satisfactory .

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This tool is very good for monitoring your Seo  performances and the bottom line is , “It Is Free ” . Now , you have  no excuse , Start using it .



SEMRush is a Seo tool mainly for Keyword research and like Google’s Webmaster tool , it is also FREE but limited . An upgrade gives you an all access to unlimited use of all the tools on the platform .


SEMrush is a tool which offers keyword researching , both paid and organic traffic and backlink analytics.


They have Premium Pricing plans Starting at the Pro level of $99 per month , with that  , you’ll get 1 login and an all in one tool for almost very of  your SEO needs daily . Need more extra features ?  , The business plan is available at $140 , it has extra features like local and historical traffic data, domain and keyword historical data, increased daily results and reports, and allows tracking of more than 5,000 keywords with an additional 9 logins .


It help provides a report of the analysis of various domains you want to monitor and has various Seo toolkits for your maximum use .


Through SEMRush , you can analyze various website pages and see the keyword they are ranking on Google for , the month search volume  and lot more .

This tool also help you analyze your competitors website and help you  think of a better and smarter way to outrank them .


With SEMRush Seo toolkit , backlink analysing is made easy as it help you see links pointing to your website from other websites . And also , keyword researching become quite easy even to Seo newbies .

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Ahrefs is an advance Seo tool for keyword research  and thorough website analysis .


This Seo resource has 3 main tool namely ;


(a) Site Explorer .


This explores your site are produces a report on the performance of some specific webpages on your Website .


(b) Content Explorer


Content Explorer  allows you to search ranked webpages under specific keywords and titles .


(c) Keyword Explorer


keyword explorer is another mini-tool  which report a specific keyword  monthly search volume and it  click-through rates .


Ahrefs provides a premium plan of $99 for the lite plan for unlimited access .


Although , Ahrefs is not free , it does offers wide range of useful Seo monitoring tools you need ! .


4.Moz’s pro tools – Best Seo Monitoring Tools


Moz’s pro tools are a mass collection of  useful Seo tools for website analysis and to help your website achieve that front page you’ve always wished for ! .


Although , this online Seo tool isn’t free but they give you a 30-day free trial in order to get a taste of their services and you renew your plan with $99/month .


With this Seo tool , you get a lot of resources  to track growth , build report , Seo opportunities and lot more .


Moz’s pro tools includes is a very efficient and productive web crawler to analyses links on pages and provides an email report on details of data for each page linked to the site .


You need to rank your website better and improve your Seo performances ? , Invest in the Moz’s pro tools 😉 .

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5.Hubspot Website Grader -Best Seo Monitoring Tools


Hubspot Website grader tool a Seo tool for website analysis and  it is FREE.😀 .


This online Seo tool help analyse ;

(a) website performance —- it analyses and check your website speed and it mobile responsiveness .


(b) Seo performances — it determines your site visibility to search engine bots and even the user and it also check your sitemap , page title , meta description, URL slug and lot More


(c) Website Security ——- The tool performs a check on your site security certificate which can be used as a proof that your website is safe for the users who are visiting .


After this Seo tool analyses all the above factor  , it then generates a  reports which can help you judge your site Seo and adjust where needed .




These are the 5 best Seo monitoring tools that can help you get your website to the front page of Google , these online Seo tools  mentioned above are used by many Seo expert and you should try it out too .

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