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We all know work can be engrossing at times that we forget to do the right thing at the right time but do you know with Productivity apps this won’t be a Problem anymore.

Scheduling of your day-to-day activities will become more easier.

Here I will be giving you analysis of Free productivity apps and best productivity apps 2019 for mac that can help you in running of Your day-to-day activities.

This article will be base on three segment.

  • Best Productivity App 2019 for Students
  • Productivity apps windows


Best Productivity Apps 2019 for Students

Here i will look into apps that student in various institutions, college and High school around the world Can use.

They are for keeping student remain focus during reading period

1. Productivity Challenge Timer: It is a Pomodoro Challenge Timer which aims is to help student be more productive, more focused and waste less time on less important things.

What this apps does is that it challenges you to work and study harder by tracking your day-to-day activities.

You will earn/lose ranks depending on your performance for the day.

2. Block Apps: The name should ring a bell that it helps reduce distracting apps and make students become more productive.

With Block you can easily get to do what you should do on time by blocking app that get your attention when you receive Notifications.

With Block You can easily create schedules where each schedule have a list of apps to be blocked at a particular time. One of the amazing aspect of this app is that an active block cannot be turn off.

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Widgets can easily be place on your Home Screen for Easy accessibility and you are set up for success then you can enable app from being uninstalled by enabling the Administrator Permission under the Settings.

3. EverNote: Evernote helps you focus on things that matters the most and give you access to information when needed. You can easily add scan handwritten Notes, take lectures in Class and save photos.

Evernote also helps you get Organized which reduce the stress of searching folder to folder for files.

4. Trello: This a Productivity app recommended for student working on a Project and they have to keep in touch. It is a Collaboration tool that is use to create a shared perspective on any project.

5. My Effectiveness: To do, Tasks: The use of this app is an easy as ABC. It helps understand what to do and Why you need to do them


Productivity apps windows – Best Productivity apps 2019

1. Microsoft TO-D0: It is a simple and great to-do-list that makes it easy to plan your day-to-day activities. Whether for school or office, it will increase your productivity and help reduce stress levels.

It combine the power of intelligent Technology and beautiful art to allow you create a simple and dynamic work flow. Sharing of you list with family is also possible and it helps to collaborate on common list and tasks.

2. TidyTabs: Have you ever get frustrated tabbing through multiple application? Then you should install this. TidyTabs lets you organize your desktop by stacking different windows together in a tabbed arrangement, even for unrelated applications.

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3. MultiMonitorTool: It is design for working with multiple screen and change the designated primary monitor

4. MusicBee: This is an Ultimate music manager and player which is highly configurable. It supports music playback from a variety sources


Here i will list alternatives to Evernote and others

Streaks: This app helps to track your success and how you are doing in the  pursuit of your goal. It has great User Interface.

Remember The Milk: Another great apps and has many things to offer.

Pocket: This helps to save articles for future reference or a Video link you want to watch later. This is best solution for that.

Droplr: Another popular file sharing apps you can see out there. It keeps you in sync and makes sharing on iPhone dope.

Dropbox: Are you looking for a dope Cloud Strorage Provider. Then you shouldn’t look far. It is widely use by Mac and PC users.

Captio: It is a Simple but great capture tool. You can easily save your Note and send to your email inbox.

Here you have read Best Productivity apps 2019

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