5G Network: What Next after this?

All started with GPRS , then 2G came in , then 3G came to life and we thought that was all. Then 4G, which was a wow and couldn’t be resisted because it was fast and dope. Almost all the New Gadgets produced featured this technology.


But now 55 Network was introduce, which is going to change everything, at least the speed at which we communicate.

But would mobile devices be able to run on 5G Network

Is Nigeria Tech Ecosystem ready for this?



But that is not a Problem now.  Some companies are already producing 5G Mobile networks for homes and Verizon is one of them


What are things that must be put in Place? – 5G Network

For 5G Network to be fully functional and accepted, providers need to put in place some infrastructure e.g. Build new set of cell towers that are smaller and close than that of 4G network.

This will help to cut the rate of obstacles distortion face by 4G network and enable the new one to get around trees and buildings, with a speed that is more faster.

We all know phones can’t just connect to the 5G network but we hope Phone Manufacturers would deduct 5G compatible smartphones at February’s Mobile World Congress.

Sadly, a new report release by Apple says that Apple would not make use of this technology till the year 2020. But this is not  a bad news because the Technology behind 5G network won’t be fully functional till 2020.


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