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Everyone enjoys listening music, whether you out on your favorite playlist on your way to work or on Picnic? Some even like to use their headphones to listen to music to focus, even I make use of Headphones when writing articles.

Since Headphones are now part of our day-to-day activities. Choosing the Best Headphones is a most to prevent damage to the ears, but what are the factors to Consider when choosing Headphones. How not to get lost?

Check out our Five Factors to look out for when choosing a Headset.


5 Mistakes to avoid when Choosing Headphones


Mistake 1: Brand Name.

Are you a Fan of Popular Headphone Brand like Sennheiser Headphones, Audio-Technica and others? Or busy looking for desired logos you may get disappointed if the product don’t have the Specifications you are looking for. Cool you head and check out for Both Common headphone brand in the market and Uncommon ones, Check the Specification before buying whether both online and offline.

Check the Materials use in producing the Gadgets Frequency range and Impedance.


Mistake 2: Headphones or Earbuds

Have you decide whether you need Headphones or Earbuds? Ear buds are light and discreet they can’t easily be seen by the other party which you can easily use to listen to Popular Podcast or Watching Netflix while devoting your time to School activities.

Looking at Compatibility, most Earbuds are compatible with most Smartphones and Laptop in the Market. You can also save money, Earbuds are much cheaper than headphones.

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You should also know that Earbuds can easily fall out of ears and easily hurt the ears. So Look for Earbuds with nice Specification: design, materials and Sound.

Headphones like Sony WF-SP700N, Sony 100XM2 and other Best Headphones for 2018 are for people with larger space or like putting Gadgets around neck. They are also for Noise cancellation with great sound quality. If you are worried about getting Right one that meet your Specification. Check Jumia, Konga and Alieexpress.



Everyone want Headphones with good sound quality and the Bass but most don’t look out for the Noise Cancellation tendency. You should check if the Headphone are open or closed. Open-backed headphones are not good for noise cancellation purpose.



When you are buying New Headset there more to Specifications, durability and portability, you are to consider how it feels putting them around your head all day. You have to try them for 20-30 minutes to judge this.


Mistake 5: Don’t set the Budget

Before going to local electronics store in your community or Visiting Popular e-commerce site like Alieexpress, you need to ask yourself some questions: how often am going to be using this gadgets?

The principle of buying Gadgets is that the Higher your Specs, the higher the price.

If you do not want to repeat common mistakes when buying headphones, you will get headphones for you and your needs.

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