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5 Best Hidden Features of VLC

Basically, nowadays everybody use VLC, think of students and Techies. but not everybody can use some hidden features of VLC. 

Not everybody can explore the hidden basics tricks and tips. Best hidden features of vlc  is the widely most used player for watching movie, use in listening to music and some other related activities.

VLC media player can be use for lots of stuff that most vlc user are not aware of.


Out of all the many some tips and tricks from this media player, let us look into five features a beginner can make use of without stress.

There is more to watching films and listening to music. we have other Tips and Tricks you can do with your VLC media player.


5 Best Hidden Features of VLC


Take a Snapshot while Playing video

Most of the times we are always excited when watching movies and totally would want to keep some part for future reference. How is that possible?.

Everyone always want to keep that part of a movie where the favorite actress or actor did something amazing and you can’t get the photo of the action

But with Vlc you can easily do that.

How to take a screenshot in VLC media player Easily

Taking screenshot with VLC is not a Rocket Science, that means it is as easy as ABC.

How to take screenshot in vlc player

  • Open you VLC  Media Player and play the Video you want to screenshot
  • Click on and View and Click on Advance button
  • Immediately you click on advance  button ,  a  menu will display at the down left corner of the screen
  • Now you have to click on the Camera button to snapshot your that part you are so excited about
  • The Picture will be save in the Picture folder automatically
  • To also change the path where the pictures are to be saved, Go to your Tools>>>Click on Preferences>>> then click on Video tab to change your configuration
  • Then after selecting the folder of our choice. Just click on save
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Play Video Frame By Frame

This is another great Best Hidden Features of VLC.  although you might have seen the button but don’t know what it can be use for.

There are times when we want to view certain part of a movie but the movie is to fast  but do you know that it can be watch frame by frame?

Yeah, you can!

Best Hidden Features of VLC

 Step on How to use frame-by-frame feature on VLC

It is a Click away and you won’t have to spend most of your time on this

  • All you have to do is keep on clicking on the frame icon button above and you will see the video frames moving frame by frame.


Playing Part of Video continuously

This is one of the Best Hidden Features of VLC  that one can’t seem to forget.  It is useful for watching a movie where the actor/actress do a stunt you are interested in.

This features allows you to set the video to start and end at a particular point. That is you can loop the video to start from a point then end at another.

Best Hidden Features of VLC

How to play part of a Video continuously

  • To do this all you have to do is click on the starting point of the movie and click the button show on the image above to set the beginning of the scene you want to show
  • If the scene you are trying to view has come to an end, then click the same button to mark the end
  • But if other wise , try to repeat same process  you use to mark the starting point
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Adjusting Video Screen Size( Cropping)

Cropping is one of the Best feature of a Camera everybody use when it comes to editing pictures and graphics.

Do you know that Cropping and Zooming are two different terms? Yes they are but many don’t know what it means.

we have videos that does not support zooming that they support only cropping. You can crop video

How to adjsut screen size of video using vlc

How to Adjust the screen size of a Video with VLC

  • Click on the video Tab above the VLC player window
  • Under the Video Tab >>>>Click on Crop>>>Then choose the size of your Choice available on the computer screen
  • You can also do this by pressing  on your Personal Computer Keyboard


Record Another Video Inside a Video

Above you read how to crop a video but do you can also record Video inside another Video? I Guess you don’t know how.

You must have seen jokes cut out of Movies? This is the Best Hidden Features of VLC  use. Many people call it different name, some call it Video Cutter and some Video Recorder


How to record video inside another video

How to Record Video Inside another Video

Well this is not a Rocket science and it is more simpler. All you have to do is press the button as shown in the image above and then press it again to stop recording.

That is Dope right, You have Read 5 Best Hidden Features of VLC

Do you know any other Features, let us know via the comment box

Thanks for Reading.

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