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5 Best Free Email Encryption Software

free email encryption software


Email address contains potentially sensitive information (PSI). Therefore the essence of encrypting your emails is to safe you from hackers for your potentially sensitive information, that is in your email address, to not be compromised. As email address contains sensitive information, encryption is highly needed to avoid compromising your data by hackers.

With a simple illustration, if two bodies exchange email and the email happened to be in a plain text, at that point a hacker can intercept the email then read and understand the content of the email. Also whatever any sensitive information he get from your email list will be used against you.

This is the reason encryption is important, because when your data are encrypted, even if the hacker should get access to your emails he would not comprehend anything from the email. All that he could see is a chunk of the mixed character, symbols, and other elements.

The only alternative for the hacker to understand your encrypted emails is when he or she has the decryption key for the message. However, encryption serves as a medium of keeping your emails private and away from villains.

Encryption is an interesting and convenient utility that keeps your documents or your correspondences with other devices safe and away from villains. The fundamental standard behind encryption is amazingly uncomplicated.

The document or message is mix with the assistance of a code or key. The beneficiary recognizes what code use to clutter it up and can in this way, utilize a similar key to unmixed or open the message.

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To be on the safer side, whenever you are about sending potentially sensitive emails out as well, now and again, make sure that you encrypt all the messages that you send. In this situation, a hacker could never have the capacity to figure which of your messages contains the data you need to secure.

With regards to prevalent email suppliers whose administrations are utilized by the vast majority, for example, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc, or regardless of whether an email customer software suchlike Outlook, is being utilized and  they do ensure that when a client sign on to their servers, the connection is encoded (encrypted), and thus secure.


To encode (encrypt) email, one needs to utilize online administrations or download a certain product. There are numerous sorts of encryption software and note that some are free, others are chargeable. We have aggregated a rundown of the 5 main free email encryption software.

List of the best free email encryption software

  1. Enigmail

Clients of email customers Mozilla Thunderbird and Seamonkey can utilize this stunning utility improved for the specific motivation behind advancing email encryption. It is a product that utilizes OpenPGP measures, for open key encryption and marking of email messages.

It utilizes GNU Privacy Guard (open-source cryptographic software alongside a General Public License, that gives excellent Privacy (PGP)) to actualize the cryptographic part of the encryption. GNU Privacy Guard does not accompany the software, and should be introduced independently.

The best part about utilizing Enigmail is that it likewise encodes (encrypt) and decodes (decrypt) email attachment or connection.

  1. Infoencryt – Free email encryption software
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Infoencrypt utilizes a symmetric encryption calculation (algorithm), and actualizes the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128, and utilizes an arbitrary instatement vector. The key is dictated by Password-Based Key Derivation Function (PBKDF)2. This guarantees that the content can’t be decoded (decrypted) without both the right password.

  1. Hushmail – Free email encryption software

Hushmail isn’t only an email encryption software.  However, it is completely an email supplier. There are various types of account that one can agree to accept. An individual can open a free account with 25 MB of free space. Hushmail utilizes OpenPGP guidelines for encryption, with a 2048-piece key.

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  1. Mailvelope – Free email encryption software

Mailvelope is a software that uses the asymmetric open key encryption, and work with the  OpenPGP guidelines. It has been basically intended to encode (encrypt) electronic emails and has being pre-designs to empower smooth working with all significant web email suppliers, as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and more.

You can download the software as a kind of internet browser module, for instance, as an application from the Chrome Store, or a Firefox Add-on, and easily joins itself to the standard routine with regards to sending an email.

It is an extremely secure platform, as it encode (encrypt)  the whole session, and hence does not enable information to leave the browser. The main defenselessness of this software is that it doesn’t support encryptions of the attachment sent to your email.

  1. Gpg4win – Free email encryption software

Gpg4win is just for Windows, it gives you  an entire suite of free open-source software that utilities OpenPGP measures, including one that can encode (encrypt) and carefully sign your email sent via Outlook. The official appropriation of GNU Privacy Guard for Windows, this software is totally free and is authorized with a GNU General Public License.

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In this way, don’t overlook the advantages of email encryption, nor belittle the dangers of not doing as such. And also keep in mind that as time goes, you will find the one that you find most agreeable to utilize, and you can ensure every one of your documents and discussions safe.

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