10 free Digital Skills you need to stay relevant and earn more


From the word below we can deduce that Internet has gone beyond Chatting, Sending Electronic mails and spending away times. Over the past decade, companies and Nations have business and economy to the Cyber space. Even now businesses now make use of Artificial intelligence in responding to Customer Complaint, Online order and rationalize work flows.


If you are on Social Media, and you are not Learning, not laughing, not being inspired or not networking, then you are using it wrong” – Germany Kent

As a result of this, today’s jobs seekers are advice to have a Digital skills for them to stand out among others seeking job from Companies like Chevron, Microsoft, Jumia and Konga.

Some Universities of Science and Technology in Nigeria are taking the big step by introducing students to Digital Skills Course they can take out of the Classroom to meet up with the increasing demand for Know-how. You won’t be surprise that some are still struggling to meet up with this change. So Student fall victim of this.

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Are looking for which Digital Skills to learn? Worry no more.

You will learn the Following:

  • What are Digital Skills
  • Examples of Digital Skills
  • Importance of Digital Skills
  • Top 10 IT Skills/Digital skills in Demand for 2018


What are Digital Skills


Digital Skills is related to computer literate.  allow you to show fake news from real ones, Send an email, Text, Make use of Microsoft word to create documents, Upload pictures to Facebook Digital skills, Make use of Google Analytics and other related tools.  Digital literacy and Digital Skills are two terms but confusing.

Understanding of how to work with a Computer with skill to fulfill personal and Business purpose can also be refer to as Digital Skills

Examples of Digital Skills


Examples of Digital Skills can’t be exhausted as Technology evolve, New Job opportunities are being Created and this led to creation of Examples of Digital Skills like: Microsoft Access, Newsletter, Metrics, InDesign, Image management, Identifying Target Audience for Ads, Digital Tools evaluation, Email Marketing, Digital video Production, Creating Statistical graphs, Interpreting Statistical Experiments, Running of Blogs, Contents writing, Facebook page manager and so on.



Importance of Digital Skills


Importance of Digital Skills can’t be over look, why? Because they are use to Scale through the stressful Employment Market. We are Living in the Digital world where Millions of people spent almost up to an hour Online reading Contents: Watching Videos, Infographics and Images updated by Love ones or Bloggers.

Due to Increase in Tech users and Internet users as whole, we need for Digital Skills as we all can’t Be Consumer.

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Who will create the Contents, read analytics, do UX/UI Design, make statistical table if we are all consumer. In shot there is Need for Digital Skills due to Increase in Digital Products Consumer.

Getting dream Job: What does it feel like getting your Dream? Learning IT Skills can make that happen. As you will have more chance over those without the Skills and experience.

Earn more: With Digital Knowledge of Creating Contents, reading analytics and managing blog one can make money as a Freelancer on Popular freelancing site like Fiverr, up work, Toptala and others.

Experience: According to this words “The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark” by Thomas Pine. With skills you will have more experience of how things in the digital world are done.

Stay updated: With Internet Research skills you will be able to search for Latest information, News and data related to your Field of interest.

Share Knowledge: With proper Knowledge of making of use of the Net, you will be able to make use of Social media like Google and Video Sharing site like you tube to Share Knowledge to Other Users/ Technology User.

Creation of New Job: Change in Digital gap is not what you should be afraid of. After learning Skills like Photography or Data analysis, you can as create a business of your own. Before you do that you should read my article on Important of Market Testing

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Top IT/Digital Skills in Demand for 2018


In this section I will try to keep it short and interesting

What are the Skills in Demand? What are the Skills that will guarantee me that Job? Skills that can give me a side hustle as a Nigerian? They are what I will answer here and am listing 10.

  1. Social Media:

Talking from a Research carry out, we have over 2 billion active social media Users spending hours posting, chatting with friends even after Facebook Data breach. And this statistical result will  increase as time goes on.

The ability to make use of Social media site will be great and superb, as you can manage Facebook page for Companies that are busy to maintain theirs, help on How to open a Facebook Page or Create yours, build it and start advertising for Business owner.


  1. Search Engine Optimization:

Content is King but well carried out Seo is more important” Do you know why? Companies like Spotify, Dell, and Jumia are spending Millions to increase their visibility on search engine. And by this there will be an increase in search for Competent Seo Analyst. You can take this opportunity by learning SEO skills from Udemy at a few bucks.


  1. Video:

Do you belong to the school of thought that video is meant for the Entertainment Industry? You Tube channel and Udemy where Internet users learn to develop website, Graphics Design, Hardware programming will  change your mind. By Video you can teach people skills you have which they can pay for.


  1. User Experience:

With increase in Android Application users, Facebook daily users it is necessary for companies to have someone with UX/UI Skills. User experience is all about ways you can develop an app, existing product or Prototype. You can get free tutorial on YouTube or Udemy (Paid) at a bucks


  1. Communication:

This is important if you are an entrepreneur as you will  interact with people in and outside your field. By doing that you can making use of common Communication application like Evernote, G Suite, Dropbox and Skype.

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  1. Branding:

Branding is act of give your Business a face or Identity. Whenever you see Facebook, Microsoft Logo what do you think of? That is what Branding does to your Business as an Entrepreneur. You should be able to create blogs, Curate contents that makes users want more using Mail chimp, Grammarly, Feedly, Google Alerts and Brand24.


  1. Marketing:

Marketing is the skills that Businesses need to increase business growth. You can have the Best Product in the world but without good Marketing Skills nobody will know your Product. For people to know your Business to know your Business you need Skills like Mail Marketing, SEO, Social media marketing and Content Marketing. You can also learn if you are interested in Business and Entrepreneurship


  1. Technical Skills:

Technical Knowledge is not related to gears. We have Technical skills like Coding Literacy that you can create Website for Small Business with using CMS like WordPress. Coding is the language people are interested in today as you can create website, blog or  an Application. You should be able to make use of WordPress, Github, Theme frost, Imageoptin and others.


  1. Data Analysis:

Companies collect Customers email through Subscription widget, Names, Home Address and Personal details. How do you think they sort this    out? They have a Data Analyst who make sense out of the collated data

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil but data”

  1. Something they haven’t seen before:

These are Skills that others or nobody in the employment market can offer, something new and Unpredictable

Bonus for You:

Where can I Learn this Digital Knowledge?

As I said earlier Some Universities are introducing it into the Curriculum just as numerals and Arithmetic but some are still it hard to. If your Universities is fortunate to be among those who are. Then you have to go for Self-learning method. Here we have

  • Udemy
  • Cousera
  • Edx
  • You Tube Channel
  • Blogs
  • MIT
  • From Individual
  • Companies/Organization


Why do i Need a Digital Skills?(Inforgraphics)

Source: e learning inforgraphics


Thanks for Reading. If you gain from this article let us know through the Comment box



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