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10 best Android dialer for Android

When searching for the best android dialer you will find a lot of options on the play store and other app stores.Every Android device comes with a stock/default dialer that is developed by the manufacturer.

These dialer apps meet the basic requirements to make calls and organise contacts. One thing that these default Android dialer apps lack is that they don’t have customisation options.

The aim of this article is to make available for you the best android dialer which can give you a better user experience with your contacts and also in customizing the dialer of your phone. These apps will enhance your calling experience and make it smoother.

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So here are is a list for you to choose the best android dialer that That suits your need.

List of 10 best android dialer

1.) Contakts – best android dialer

A visually stunning address book, Contakts is a must have for those who have an eye for beauty.This app shows you graphs depicting how much time you talk or chat with whom.

The contacts app pulls information from Google, Whatsapp, Facebook etc and seamlessly blends it with the people on your list. Contakts does not have an inbuilt messaging app but it allows you make a lot of customization.

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2.) PixelPhone – best android dialer

This app offers a very smooth and fast experience. PixelPhone offers dual SIM support and automatic switching between SIMs.

PixelPhone is a amazing phone dialer that offers alot of customization options to users. It has an integrated phone book with favorites and groups tabs and a T9-based dialer that supports various gestures.

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3.) WhatsApp – best android dialer

This may be seen as an unconventional example, but there is no denying the excellent user experience gotten from this app. Although seen as a social media app, You need to have the person phone number to see their status and they have to save your number to be able to share their status with you.

It’s more personal and private than most social media apps, plus you get to text, call and video call any of your contacts. You can also block people from calling you or sending you messages and it’s completely free.

4.) OS 9 Dialer – best android dialer

If you wish to experience the joy of using iPhone then you can do it on your Android phone as well because Android is super cool.

OS 9 Dialer lets you switch your stock contacts and dialer app to the premium iOS dialer. It looks pretty much similar to the dialer present in iPhone. It looks just like that of iOS dialer and even has the slide to lift feature of iPhones.

5.) Ex – dialer – best android dialer

This is a very simple and easy to use dialer app. It features options that are must have and most needed, It looks like the early traditional Android dialer that has the ability to manage call logs and contacts.

The Android app is equipped with a user interface and is very fast in terms of performance. Even though it looks simple, it has built with very useful features that can even be extended using plugins. This include geocoder, customizable notification alerts and even more.

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6.) Drupe App – best android dialer

This carefully designed app allows you to manage Contacts and make calls effectively.This is a powerful best Android dialer app. It is a smart dialer app that integrates with your social network options like WhatsApp, facebook Messenger and Hangouts.

This app allows you to easily switch between communications options available for people in your address book.Also if you install Drupe contacts app you are provided with a call recorder as it comes with the option by default.

7.) Truecaller – best android dialer

The Truecaller app is one of the best android dialer. This amazing app features include; SMS, contacts, dialer, SMS spam filter etc. The user interface is very simple,modern and sleek .

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8.) Dialer+ App – best android dialer

In order to make the best use of this remarkable app, you have to go to an app store and install. This application also comes with various commendable features, like; SMS filtering module ,spam calls etc.

It also enables you to manage your contact by letting you block messages that you do not want and also to block private numbers.

9.) Metro Phone Dialer app – best android dialer

This app possesses a perfect combination of performance and looks which will provide you an exciting and unique experience.

With this dialer, you can even customize the app background colours, other customizations options are present in the dialer. can be download from Playstore

10.) Contacts+ – best android dialer

This app is by far the most elegant and beautiful Android dialer app with an impressive blur User interface. It has the potential to replace the default dialer app on your phone as it has all the basic and interesting tools which include; merging, searching and backup.

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Apart from it’s basic features, it comes with encryption tools to protect your contacts from outsiders. It is also one of the best caller ID app. Contacts+ dialer app helps you easily switch between contacts, SMS and call log. I would personally recommended that you check out this app.

Final words…

I hope that with the aid of this article, your quest of finding the best android dialer, will be made easier. We would love to get your feedback on your user experience with the various applicants mentioned in this post.

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